"The New Translation"

by the Alfred Farlow

from The Christian Science Journal, Volume 8, January, 1891, page 460


I find the book very useful, as the translation is generally clearer and more exact than the common version. For home study I value it highly, and would cheerfully recommend it, but experience has caused me to conclude that it is not best to quote this translation in Christian Science publications -- nor do I see any necessity for doing so, since the spiritual signification of the common version is identical with that of the Rotherham.

Opposers of Christian Science take advantage of popular ignorance regarding this recent translation, and denominate our use of it "misquotation." In view of this fact, would it not be better to use exclusively for study, and refrain from published quotations in Christian Science literature until more fully introduced?... If we, as Christian Scientists, make too strong a claim upon this translation before it is properly introduced, will it not be called a "Christian Science Bible"?

We are taught to "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves." In view of the results I have seen, I could more freely circulate literature wherein quotations are made from a translation known to the public.