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#6 - Is an individual or organization effort?

by Robert Nguyen Cramer

This BibleTexts website administrator has very much enjoyed questions and insights that have been emailed to him ever since this site was launched in September of 1996. On this page I share with BibleTexts browsers a few of the questions, insights, and responses, so that we all can further learn from and with each other.


Question/insight #6: "I hope it's not offensive for me to ask if you're doing this on your own or for an organization?" (12/20/97)

Response #6:

That's not offensive. It is a very appropriate question.

In the introduction to the BibleTexts Web site home page, I state: "Though this Web site is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by any church or any other organization, the Web site administrator is a very active church member and is united in very genuine and meaninful fellowship with Christians of all denominations... The Web site administrator, with a deep debt of gratitude to God for the life of freedom, joy, and love that primitive Christianity still offers us all today, dedicates this Web site to fellow-Christians everywhere."

The development, production, and maintenance of this Web site involve no collaboration with or subsidy from anyone or any organization. It is simply one individual's offering to those Bible students who would like read the Bible in the light of the original texts and with a genuine understanding of primitive Christianity, as reflected by the original texts.


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