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#93 - Who added chapter and verse numbering to the Bible?

by Robert Nguyen Cramer

This BibleTexts website administrator has very much enjoyed questions and insights that have been emailed to him ever since this site was launched in September of 1996. On this page I share with BibleTexts browsers a few of the questions, insights, and responses, so that we all can further learn from and with each other.


Question/insight #93:

I have seen conflicting information on who was responsible for adding chapters and verses to the Old and New Testaments. Can you point me to information on the correct identity of said inventor. I need it for inclusion in an article.

Response #93 from

The most concisely complete answer to your question can be found in Walter Specht's article, "Chapter and Verse Divisions," in The Oxford Companion to the Bible (edited by Bruce Metzger and Michael Coogan, NY: Oxford University Press, 1993, pages 105-107). You can usually find this excellent Bible dictionary in Border's Book Stores or you can buy it online at a variety of places. It is one of the books listed in "Recommended Bible Study Books/Resources," which can be browsed at:


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