Book Review
La Biblia de las Americas (LBLA) and Reina-Valera Actualizada (RVA)


The best Spanish language word-for-word translations are (1) La Biblia de las Americas [LBLA] (La Habra, CA: Lockman Foundation, 1997) or (2) Reina-Valera Actualizada [RVA] (El Paso, TX: Editorial Mundo Hispano, 1989). The 1997 edition of the LBLA is the Spanish version of the New American Standard Bible [NASB]. Compared with its earlier 1986 edition, the 1997 edition has corrected the errant readings found in the KJV (such as 1Jo 5:7,8).

The best Spanish language phrase-by-phrase translation is Dios Habla Hoy [DHH], also known as, Version Popular (copyright, 1983, by the United Bible Societies / Sociedades Biblica Unidas). The DHH is the for Spanish version of the Good News Bible, the Spanish equivalent of the Today's English Version [TEV], and is based upon the same reliable Old Testament (Hebrew and Aramaic) texts and New Testament (Greek) texts as those used in translating the NRSV and the TEV.

Many other Spanish versions, including the Reina-Valera 1960 [RV-1960] and the Reina-Valera 1995 [RV-1995], are virtually modern Spanish versions of the KJV, and they reflect all the Textus Receptus' underlying textual errors that undermine the accuracy of the KJV translation. Due to the errors in the Hebrew and Greek texts from which they and the KJV were translated, the RV-1960, RV-1995, and the KJV contain some texts that are not consistent with Jesus' genuine teachings as represented in the earliest Greek texts of the New Testament.

With the DHH, the LBLA, and the RVA Bibles , the Hebrew and Greek texts from which they were translated are very similar to the very reliable Old Testament (Hebrew and Aramaic) texts and New Testament (Greek) texts from which the NRSV and TEV were translated. In summary, the LBLA and the RVA give the best word-for-word representation of the wording of original texts, and the DHH gives the best phrase-by-phrase representation of the originally intended meaning of original texts.

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