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Word Study Greek-English New Testament
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Word Study Greek-English New Testament with Complete Concordance (edited by Paul R. McReynolds, Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 1998) - (Available at,, This is a uniquely valuable study aid. It includes the NRSV text on the left column with interlinear text to the right of the NRSV text. The interlinear text includes three parallel rows of text on top of each other. In the middle row is the United Bible Society's Greek New Testament, Third Edition, Greek text. Above each Greek work is the coinciding Strong's number. Below each Greek word is the literal English translation of that word.

There are quite a few other interlinear Greek-English New Testaments and quite a few other Greek-English concordances. Word Study Greek-English New Testament with Complete Concordance's (WSGENT) inclusion of (1) the Strong's numbers with the Greek-English text together with (2) a complete Greek-based English concordance, arranged numerically by the coinciding Strong' numbers, makes this an especially convenient and valuable resource.

The special value of a Greek-based English concordance is that you are not dependent upon a concordance that is based upon one of the many English translations. Using the Strong's number system and without having to know any Greek, you conveniently can research all of the occurrences of each Greek word used in the New Testament. Using WSGENT also has the following advantages over using Strong's Exhaustive Concordance or Young's Analytical Concordance.

  1. WSGENT is based upon a much more reliable Greek text of the New Testament; therefore it does not include references to words that were not in the original texts, even though they appeared in the KJV.
  2. In each concordance listing WSGENT includes all occurences of a single Greek word. Strong's and Young's list all occurences of a single English word with a notation of the Greek word from which it was translated, but finding all listings of a single Greek word would be a very tedious and distractive process. Strong's and Young's enable you to conveniently look up what you already know of the KJV English translation, but they do not enable you to conveniently explore the original text. The WSGENT makes it very easy in English to do exhaustive word studies of the original Greek text.
  3. Each Concordance listing is also cross-referenced with the page number of the associated Greek word definition in the following definitive lexicons: Greek-English Lexicon (Bauer, Arndt, and Gingrich), Greek-English Lexicon (Louw and Nida), New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (Colin Brown, 4 volumes), and Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Kittel, 10 volumes), all of which are also outstanding resources.


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