Book Review

Hermeneia: 1 Corinthians

reviewed by Robert Nguyen Cramer

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Hermeneia: 1 Corinthians - by Hans Conzelmann (Philadelphia: Augsburg Fortress Press, 1975) This commentary is a masterpiece of honest, thorough scholarship. (The word-count for the footnotes appears to be considerably greater than the word-count for the commentary text itself.) To see an example of the commentary, browse

Generally the most detailed, useful, and theologically unbiased commentary series is the United Bible Societies' Translators Handbook series. I also very much like the entire Hermeneia commentary series. The International Critical Commentary Series has some really good volumes, as do Black's / Harper's New Testament Commentaries (Harper Collins), and the Old Testament Library (Westminster / John Knox).

There are many, many more books listed at Some other individual commentaries are especially good, such as the ones on the Gospel of John by Bultmann (1 volume), Barrett (1 volume), and Schnackenburg (3 volumes).


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