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That Ye May Teach the Children

reviewed by Robert Nguyen Cramer

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That Ye May Teach the Children - A Bible Outline with Questions for Parents and Teachers, by Joan Koelle Snipes, illustrated by Kristin Joy Pratt Serafini (Shepherdstown, WV, USA: Bible Teaching Press, 2001 - 304-876-1332, This 250-page workbook not only is a good Sunday School teachers' guide for teaching the Bible, but it also is a very useful means for adults to explore the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Except for the introductory material, the book itself is comprised almost entirely of questions. In most cases the answers are found by looking up the Bible references or other resources' references within parentheses immediately following the questions. Some of the answers refer to biblical resources that are older, out of print, and/or may not be in most people's bookshelves, but other reliable resources certainly can be used to explore the answers. (For some guidance in selecting high quality resources that currently are in print, you can browse's "Recommended Bible Study Books & Resources" at

That Ye May Teach the Children asks many of the questions that students should be asked in order for them to have a well-rounded grasp of the Bible. The bibliography could be stronger, the Apocrypha and intertestamental period is not touched, and many controversial issues are not addressed in the questions; however, Snipes' overall work does reflect current conclusions of most reputable scholars' regarding the authorship of the letters attributed to Paul. recommends That Ye May Teach the Children as a very helpful preparatory tool for Sunday School teachers.

To further introduce you to this book, below is an abbreviated Table of Contents:

  1. Introductory Questions
  2. Old Testament
  3. New Testament
  4. Vocabulary Questions
  5. Review Questions for Old and New Testaments
  6. Bible Study Worksheets
  7. Bibliography
  8. Index


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