Jesus' teachings on 4 of the Ten Commandments

that the gospels specificially singled out for comment


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The texts for the following Bible passages are from the Today's English Version, copyrighted and published in 1992 by the American Bible Society. Used by permission.


4th Commandment: OBSERVE THE SABBATH DAY AND KEEP IT HOLY - Exo 20:8-11 (also found at Deu 5:12-15)



Jesus' teachings about the 4th Commandment


5th Commandment: RESPECT  YOUR FATHER AND YOUR MOTHER - Exo 20:12 (also found at Deu 5:16)



Jesus' teachings about the 5th Commandment


6th Commandment: DO NOT COMMIT MURDER - Exo 20:13 (also found at Deu 5:17)



Jesus' teachings about the 6th Commandment


7th Commandment: DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY - Exo 20:14 (also found at Deu 5:18)



Jesus' teachings about the 7th Commandment


Other commandments to which Jesus referred alongside of other commandments



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