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Overcome evil with good

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The Bible

All Bible quotes below are from Today's English Version, Copyright 1976, 1992, American Bible Society. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Mat 5:43-48

Luk 6:28,35,36

Rom 12:14,17,21

1Th 5:15

1Pe 3:9

The writings of Mary Baker Eddy

S&H 234:9

We should love our enemies and help them on the basis of the Golden Rule; but avoid casting pearls before those who trample them under foot, thereby robbing both themselves and others.

S&H 446:24-27

Resisting evil, you overcome it and prove its nothingness.

S&H 450:19-22

The Christian Scientist has enlisted to lessen evil, disease, and death; and he will overcome them by understanding their nothingness and the allness of God, or good.

S&H 571:15; Pul 15:16

At all times and under all circumstances, overcome evil with good. Know thyself, and God will supply the wisdom and the occasion for a victory over evil. Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you. The cement of a higher humanity will unite all interests in the one divinity.

'01 34:20

Finally, brethren, wait patiently on God; return blessing for cursing; be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good; be steadfast, abide and abound in faith, understanding, and good works; study the Bible and the textbook of our denomination; obey strictly the laws that be, and follow your Leader only so far as she follows Christ. Godliness or Christianity is a human necessity: man cannot live without it; he has no intelligence, health, hope, nor happiness without godliness. In the words of the Hebrew writers: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths;" "and He shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday."

'02 2:22

I have always taught the student to overcome evil with good...

Man 40:4

A Rule for Motives and Acts... SECTION 1. Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the members of The Mother Church. In Science, divine Love alone governs man; and a Christian Scientist reflects the sweet amenities of Love, in rebuking sin, in true brotherliness, charitableness, and forgiveness. The members of this Church should daily watch and pray to be delivered from all evil, from prophesying, judging, condemning, counseling, influencing or being influenced erroneously.

Man 46:26

A Christian Scientist is a humanitarian; he is benevolent, forgiving, long-suffering, and seeks to overcome evil with good.

Man 84:1

Defense against Malpractice. SECT. 3. Teachers shall instruct their pupils how to defend themselves against mental malpractice, never to return evil for evil, but to know the truth that makes free, and thus to be a law, not unto others, but to themselves.

Mis 115:31

Using mental power in the right direction only, doing to others as you would have them do to you, will overcome evil with good, and destroy your own sensitiveness to the power of evil.

Mis 124:32-9

In proportion to a man's spiritual progress, he will indeed drink of our Master's cup, and be baptized with his baptism! be purified as by fire,--the fires of suffering; then hath he part in Love's atonement, for "whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth." Then shall he also reign with him: he shall rise to know that there is no sin, that there is no suffering; since all that is real is right. This knowledge enables him to overcome the world, the flesh, and all evil, to have dominion over his own sinful sense and self.

Mis 334:28-2

Because I have uncovered evil, and discovered for you divine Science, which saith, "Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good," and you have not loved sufficiently to understand this Golden Rule and demonstrate the might of perfect Love that casteth out all fear, shall you turn away from this divine Principle to graven images?

Ret 55:3

Let us follow the example of Jesus, the master Metaphysician, and gain sufficient knowledge of error to destroy it with Truth. Evil is not mastered by evil; it can only be overcome with good. This brings out the nothingness of evil and the eternal somethingness, vindicates the divine Principle, and improves the race of Adam.

No 9:19

I now point steadfastly to the power of grace to overcome evil with good. God will "furnish a table in the wilderness" and show the power of Love.

No 32:26

Reduce this evil to its lowest terms, nothing, and slander loses its power to harm; for even the wrath of man shall praise Him. The reduction of evil, in Science, gives the dominance to God, and must lead us to bless those who curse, that thus we may overcome evil with good.

My 128:26

Return not evil for evil, but "overcome evil with good." Then, whatever the shaft aimed at you or your practice may be, it will fall powerless, and God will reward your enemies according to their works. Watch, and pray daily that evil suggestions, in whatever guise, take no root in your thought nor bear fruit. Ofttimes examine yourselves, and see if there be found anywhere a deterrent of Truth and Love, and "hold fast that which is good."

My 180:16

Christian Science meets error with Truth, death with Life, hate with Love, and thus, and only thus, does it overcome evil and heal disease. The obstinate sinner, however, refuses to see this grand verity or to acknowledge it, for he knows not that in justice, as well as in mercy, God is Love.

My 278:18

A Japanese may believe in a heaven for him who dies in defence of his country, but the steadying, elevating power of civilization destroys such illusions and should overcome evil with good.

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