"A wedding in the church"

A history of these words in the original 1899 Church Manual By-Law on "Marriage"

by Robert Nguyen Cramer (version
1. Introduction 2. History of wording 3. Questions 4. Historical setting 5. Answers 6. Conclusions 7. Resources 8. Feedback


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Year Date Event
  1. "early in 1899"
  2. January 11
  3. March 10
  4. May
  5. June 4
  6. June 6
  7. July
  8. July 31
  9. October
  10. November 16
  11. December 21
  12. December 22
  13. December 24
  14. December 28
  1. [Woodbury's vitriolic attacks on Mrs. Eddy began in newspapers (Years of Authority, p. 150)]
  2. Three-man Publication Committee authorized.
  3. [Manual's 10th edition was copyrighted - with the introduction of the "Marriage" By-Law]
  4. Woodbury-Dresser attack in Arena. [Years of Authority, pp. 151-152]
  5. Communion message to The Mother Church. [Years of Authority, pp. 153-154]
  6. Addresses three thousand in Annual Meeting in Tremont Temple. [Years of Authority, pp. 154-155]
  7. [Manual's 14th edition wording of this the "Marriage" By-Law was "prepared" (That wording appeared in the TCSJ, Vol 17, p.702)]
  8. Woodbury libel suit filed. [Years of Authority, pp. 154-155]
  9. First Mark Twain attack in Cosmopolitan.
  10. [Manual's 12th edition was announced in CSS, Vol 2, p.173, which included the first revision of the "Marriage" By-Law.]
  11. [By-Law on Marriage was publshed in CSS, Vol 2, 12/21/1899, p. 257.]
  12. [Manual's 14th edition wording of the "Marriage" By-Law was "adopted" (TCSJ, Vol 17, p.702).]
  13. Gives new house to Glovers as Christmas gift.
  14. Mrs. Woodbury fined for contempt of court. [Years of Authority, p. 157]
  1. January 11
  2. September 6
  3. December
  1. Farlow appointed Manager of Committee on Publication under new bylaw. [Years of Authority, p. 157]
  2. First visit to Concord State Fair.
  3. Clarkson effort to change leadership.
  1. January 4
  2. January
  3. May 1
  4. June 5
  5. August 1
  6. August 28
  7. Nov-Dec
  1. Crucial legal conference at Pleasant View. [Years of Authority, p. 160]
  2. Puts Kimball in charge of Woodbury case. [Years of Authority, pp. 166-168]
  3. New York Herald interview. [Years of Authority, pp. 172-174]
  4. Woodbury suit lost by plaintiff [Years of Authority, pp. 170-172]
  5. Peabody lecture, "A Complete Exposure of Eddyism," in Tremont Temple. [Years of Authority, pp. 194-195]
  6. Second visit to Concord State Fair.
  7. Work on major revision of Science and Health.



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6. CURRENT CONCLUSIONS - (based upon all currently available information)
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If you have historical information or insights that shed further light on anything above, either in agreement with or contrary to what has been stated above, please email The desire of the website is to arrive at honest conclusions that are consistent with all available facts. I deeply respect all who honestly arrive at genuine conclusions, even if those conclusions differ from my own current conclusions. It is not my intent to prop up any opinions, which are often the result of one's selectively using only those facts that support such opinions -- and conveniently disregarding facts that undermine such opinions. I myself do not want to have any personal opinions. I only want to develop faith-inspiring, honest conclusions that lead to being "filled with the knowledge of God's will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding." (Col 1:9, NRSV) So please feel free to share with me any facts that may help lead to even better or further refined conclusions.

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