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March 20, 2000 - WEB HOSTING PROBLEMS,

but you can still access the website. Please read below.

Over this past weekend the plan had been to move the website to another website hosting service. The move was supposed to be transparent to users! Due to service problems with the intended new hosting service, I have provided notification to and have received confirmation from the Internet's registration organization (Network Solutions) that will be returned to its original location by Wednesday evening, 3/22/00.

In the mean time you can browse the entire website by using the alternative domain name, which is:

Until the change has taken place, please substitute "" wherever a webpage address has (Keep in mind that most links found on webpages will not work until the change is complete, though all of the links on the home page and on the Bible Lesson Study Aid have been modified to work.)

For your convenience at this time, below are the top 20 most frequently visited webpages, with the ".org" substituted into the address, so you can browse them easily right now. (The order of the first 5 webpages is consistent virtually every week and every month. The order of the others varies somewhat week by week.) You can browse:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Bob Nguyen Cramer,

* Copyright 2000 Robert Nguyen Cramer *