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#12 - Evaluating The Word: The Bible from 26 Translations

by Robert Nguyen Cramer

This BibleTexts website administrator has very much enjoyed questions and insights that have been emailed to him ever since this site was launched in September of 1996. On this page I share with BibleTexts browsers a few of the questions, insights, and responses, so that we all can further learn from and with each other.


Question/insight #12: "Just in the past week I learned about Curtis Vaughan's The Word: The Bible from 26 Translations (Mathis Publishers), which seems to be based on a intriguing premise but which will certainly reflect the theological orientation of its compiler."" (5/2/96)

Response #12:

Vaughan's The Word is useful to survey the range of different translations on some verses, but it by no means is exhaustive. It includes the KJV of all verses and typically includes from zero to five versions per verse, if Vaughan considered the differences significant. For instance, Gen 1:26,27 has no alternative readings from other translations, even though some use "man", some use "humankind", some use "human beings", and some use "humans." Apparently, Vaughan did not not consider the differences significant. (For further insights on Gen 1:26,27, you can browse


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