Robert Nguyen Cramer, webmaster

Education and experiences leading to a lifetime of exploring the Bible and early Christianity

(This webpage has been a provided at the request of readers.)

  • Studied the Old Testament, the New Testament, early Christianity, Latin, and biblical Greek as part of his university curriculum.
  • Has been engaged in public Christian ministry -- Bible-based Christian services and teaching -- since university years. This has included local church and community ministry, campus ministry, big brother ministry, homeless and other inner-city ministry, prison ministry, refugee camp ministry, military base ministry, and nursing as a ministry. These ministries have involved working with others in quite a few different languages and in wide variety of cultural settings.
  • Has written articles appearing in Christian magazines on subjects relating to the practice of Christianity in difficult real-life circumstances.
  • Has appeared on both TV and radio to discuss the practice of Christianity.
  • Owned and managed a biblical studies bookstore, which specialized in the evaluation and sale of seminary-level research materials on the Bible and early Christian history.
  • Has progressively acquired a substantial biblical research library, well exceeding 1500 books plus Bible research software libraries that include hundreds of additional titles. These books include many of the most highly respected and definitive biblical resources in English, Hebrew, and Greek, and they represent the works of the leading Bible scholars in the world from many denominations. Part of that personal library is listed in the bibliography at
  • Contributed the initial justification and proof-of-concept for a major biblical research software package, and later helped to test it.
  • Has written and published reviews on many scholarly works on the Bible and early Christian history. For some examples, see
  • Has served as the sole contributor, editor, and webmaster for since 1996.
  • Has maintained warm fellowship and collegial contact with international Bible scholars and theologians of many denominations, through courses, Internet forums, phone contacts, and personal correspondence and meetings.
  • While traveling professionally for two years on five continents, took the opportunity to meet and worship with fellow-Christians in countries such as China, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands.


The website would not be possible without the loving patience of my dear wife and our 4 wonderful children.

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