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The Bible, the Bible Lesson, and the Bible Lesson Study Aid

by Robert Nguyen Cramer,

The Bible Lesson Study Aid (see http:/ is intended as a resource for the study of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson, which is published by the Christian Science Publishing Society. The subject and Bible verses used in the Bible Lesson Study Aid correspond with those in the current week's Bible Lesson. The English language edition of the Quarterly is designed to be used with the KJV (Cambridge edition) of the Bible; whereas, the texts on the "BibleTexts" Web page are from the KJV, the NRSV and the TEV (also known as the Good News Bible).

There often are substantial differences between the wording of the KJV and modern translations. In comparison with the KJV, the NRSV generally should be considered as more accurately representing the wording of the original texts, and the TEV generally should be considered as more accurately reflecting the originally intended meaning of original texts. (The New American Bible is also recommended as another translation that is very faithful to the original wording, and the Revised English Bible is another translation that is very faithful to the originally intended meaning. For more details, see "Recommended Bible Study Books and Resources" at


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The Bible

The original Hebrew (Old Testament), Aramaic (Daniel only), and Greek (New Testament) texts are what actually constitute "the Bible." All versions of the Bible -- whether in Latin, English, Chinese, or Hindi; whether produced in 384 A.D., in 1611 A.D., or in 1996 A.D. -- are merely translations indirectly derived from many generations of handcopies of those original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts.

The Bible Commentary at provides verse-by-verse textual corrections that are based upon the most current knowledge of those original Hebrew and Greek texts. Those corrections usually are relevant only to the KJV, because most modern versions such as the NRSV and the TEV were translated from Hebrew and Greek texts that are much more consistent with "the original texts" than those Hebrew and Greek texts from which the 1611 KJV was translated. In the KJV most of the substantive errors are due to the faulty Hebrew and Greek texts from which the KJV was translated. (See S&H 139:15.)

The published writings of Mary Baker Eddy (MBE), including the Church Manual, do not specify which Bible version should be read in church services in Churches of Christ, Scientist. In her day mostly the KJV was used in the Christian Science Quarterly (CSQ) and in church services, but the Revised Version was used in place of the KJV for an entire year (1890) and occasionally used in the Golden Text until 1914, and the RV, Noyes', Rotherham's, Wilson's, and Young's translations were also occasionally used in other parts of the CSQ Bible Lesson until 1898.

(1) Christian Science Reading Rooms, (2) American Bible Society (or by phone 800-322-4253), (3) Barnes & Nobles, (4) Borders Book, (5) order by phone (800-456-4851)

(1) Recommended Bible versions and Bible study aids, (2) Bible Lesson history - history of using different English Bible versions in the Christian Science Quarterly, in The Mother Church, and in MBE's writings, (3) Topical index on Bible issues], (4) KJV online, (5) Other Bible versions online (many Bible versions in many languages)

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures The inspirational and practical value of each section's Bible passages is explored in the section's correlative passages from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (S&H) by MBE. (1) Christian Science Reading Rooms, (2) Barnes & Nobles, (3) Borders Book, (4) order by phone (800-456-4851) (1) Book review, (2) S&H online
Christian Science Quarterly The Christian Science Quarterly magazine outlines each week's Bible Lesson readings, which begins with a Golden Text and Responsive Reading and then lists six sections of (1) readings from the Bible and (2) correlative readings from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which help to explain each section's Bible passages. The Quarterly is published four times a year by The Christian Science Publishing Society (Boston, MA, USA). Each Quarterly contains three months of Bible Lessons (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, or Oct-Dec). (1) Christian Science Reading Rooms, (2) order online, (3) order by phone (800-456-4851) (1) CSQ online


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