For the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson for Sunday, June 24, 2001

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Golden Text and Responsive Reading

  1. How does the Lord's Prayer coincide with Golden Text's and Responsive Reading's portrayal of God as "one God," as "the Creator of all things," and as "Almighty?" (For help, browse

Section 1

  1. What are the practical implications for humanity of an Almighty God who 'wisely made all creatures?'
  2. What should be our response to 'the wonderful things that God does?'
  3. How do the beginning of Lord's Prayer and "the starting point of divine Science" (S&H citation 2) relate to our dealing with cause and effect? (For help, browse

Section 2

  1. What is the importance of humility for theologians and scientists, both of whom seek to wisely articulate the cause for life and for all that exists?
  2. How can praying the Lord's Prayer help us attain truly Christian and scientific humility? (For help, browse, especially section 2.d.2.)

Section 3

  1. What are the practical implications to us of Jesus' Sonship with God, as represented in the following?
  2. How is Jesus' Sonship with God a model for our relationship with God?

Section 4

  1. What does Jesus' stilling of the storm in Bible citation B15 have to do with "Let there be light" (Gen 1:3) and the Bible Lesson subject, "Is the universe including man, evolved by atomic force?"

Section 5

  1. How is the Bible Lesson subject, "Is the universe including man, evolved by atomic force?" answered by Jesus' healing of the out-of-control man possessed by the legion/mob of demons in Bible citation B16?
  2. How does Bible citation B17 relate to the healing described in B16?

Section 6

  1. How does God's constant love relate to the scientific laws governing life and the entire universe?
  2. How does one's understanding of being a child of God help to answer the question, "Is the universe including man, evolved by atomic force?"

Weekly Question

  1. How does the Reverend Irving Tomlinson' explanation of the composition of the Bible Lesson apply to this week's Bible Lesson?

      From 1888 to 1899 the Christian Science Bible Lesson Committee simply had directly copied to the Christian Science Quarterly the Bible citations that had been prepared by the multi-denominational International Lesson Committee [ILC] for the weekly International Sunday School Lessons used by Protestant churches. (The Church of Christ, Scientist, had no representation on that committee.) To those Bible Lessons the Christian Science Bible Lesson Committee added correlative citations from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, which provided explanations of the Bible texts chosen by the ILC. Until 1898 the ILC-based Bible Lessons were a key component of both Christian Science church services and Christian Science Sunday School, which until 1895 included adult Sunday School classes.]

      To read the Rev. Tomlinson's complete article, browse To read more about the history of the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lessons, including the official use of other translations in addition to -- and for one entire year replacing -- the King James Version, browse]

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