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Woman crippled for 18 years


Harper’s Bible Commentary

edited by James Luther Mays (NY: Harper and Row, 1988)

Luk 13:10-17, Controversy over a Sabbath Healing.

This story, peculiar to Luke, recalls a similar incident in 6:6-11 at which time Jesus’ opponents discussed what to do to Jesus. Here, in Luke’s last reference to Jesus’ appearance in a synagogue, the tension is no less great, but the dynamic is different. The synagogue ruler addresses the crowd in an indirect attack on Jesus, but it backfires: the people rejoice over what Jesus does. The controversy plays on the word “to loose” or “release.” Jesus looses the woman from her infirmity (v. 12); Jesus reminds them that they loose an ox or ass on the Sabbath for watering; then why not loose this woman from Satan’s bond? It is an argument from the lesser to the greater. At the end the house is divided: all those set against Jesus are shamed; all the people rejoice. Those shamed will not forget. Commentary

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