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#21 - King James Version -- accurate or not? What version is most accurate?

by Robert Nguyen Cramer

This BibleTexts website administrator has very much enjoyed questions and insights that have been emailed to him ever since this site was launched in September of 1996. On this page I share with BibleTexts browsers a few of the questions, insights, and responses, so that we all can further learn from and with each other.


Question/insight #21: "Is the original King James Version accurate or not, and what is the most accurate Bible translation that you feel represents the originals. I am starting to study the word more. I want to avoid the wrong translations, and can you suggest for me how to research the origins of the manuscripts, so that I may come to my own conclusions."

Response #21: If our desire is to have an accurate and understandable representation of the original texts of the Bible, the King James Version is not a good choice. The reasons for this conclusion are described in detail on the following webpages:

Read Article KJV New Testament, which is based on the 1550 Textus Receptus, is not as accurate as modern New Testament versions that are based upon the 1993 UBS Greek New Testament
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Some additional materials "to research the origins of the manuscripts" are the following:

It is my current conclusion that the best Bible versions in the English language are the following:

The best Bible versions in the Spanish language are the following:

For New Testament studies I also highly recommend:

For reviews of other Bible versions, browse


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