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Q&A #153 - Resources for online reviews of scholarly works

by Robert Nguyen Cramer (version

This BibleTexts website administrator has very much enjoyed questions and insights that have been emailed to him ever since this site was launched in September of 1996. On this page I share with BibleTexts browsers a few of the questions, insights, and responses, so that we all can further learn from and with each other.





Can you tell me if Bruce Metzger has ever reviewed Bart Ehrman's The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture? If so, can I access this through the internet? Any other reviews on Ehrman's book you might recommend??



I am unaware of any review of Bart Ehrman's book that was done by Bruce Metzger, and in the last few years Metzger generally only has done brief book reviews for the back cover of books he has endorsed. On the other hand Ehrman quotes and references Metzger more than any other scholar in his book. To explore the interaction between Erhman and Metzger, you can start with Ehrman's references to Metzger.

I do know many other scholars who have concurred with me on appreciation of Ehrman's work, though virtually no scholar agrees with everything that any other scholar has concluded. You can look on the back covers of some of Ehrman's other books to see commendations by scholars like Elaine Pagels, Elizabeth A. Clark, Kerek Krueger, and Francis J. Moloney.

There are a few reviews of varying quality at at:

See also:

(For future needs use the following syntax:)'s last name)+(author's first name)+(significant word #1 from title)+(significant word #2 from title)

You also might explore some of the online biblical journals that I list and link at:

Of particular value is the SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) website feature of book reviews at:

If I come across any other reviews in hardcopy biblical journals, I'll let you know.


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