Some Bible study resources keyed to Strong's number system


The Strong's number system identifies the Hebrew and Greek words from which the Bible was translated. This Web page lists and describes Bible study resources (Bibles, dictionaries, concordances, and software) that enable you to use the Strong's number system to understand the Hebrew and Greek words behind the KJV and other translations.

Most of these resources do not require any knowledge of Hebrew or Greek. For example the Strong's numbers for Bible passages are found in the "KJV/Strong's" texts that are provided in some of the earlier editions (e.g., 1/4/98 to 7/11/99) of the weekly Bible Lesson Study Aid, available at

One interesting anomaly about Strong's number system that most people do not even notice is that there are no Greek words numbered 2717 or 3203 through 3302. The reason for this is stated in the "Preface" of the Greek dictionary section of Strong's Concordance. In "NOTE" on page 6, which faces and immediately precedes the "Greek Dictionary of the New Testament," is found the following comment:

Owing to changes in the enumeration while in progress, there were no words left for Nos. 2717 and 3203-3302, which were therefore silently dropped out of the vocabulary and references as redundant. This will occasion no practical mistake or inconvenience.

The above books can be ordered by phone or via the Web from either of the following sources:

Tips about the use -- and warning about the misuse -- of the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries in Strong's Concordance

Recommendations for Strong's-based additions to your library


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