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#60 - Act 9:5-6 - From where were the KJV additions to these verses derived?

by Robert Nguyen Cramer

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Question/insight #60: I have read that Acts 9:6 was not in the Textus Receptus that the KJV translators used. Is this true? If it is, then where did they get this passage from?

Response #60:

Acts 9:5-6 as found in the KJV differs from Acts 9:5-6 as found in most modern translations as follows:

The part of the KJV verses that I enclosed in brackets above were not in the original texts of Acts, but they were in the Textus Receptus, which was the basis for the KJV's New Testament. On the other hand, "But" (alla in Greek), as found in the NRSV text above, was in the original text but was omitted in the Textus Receptus.

Sometimes students are mislead to believe that the Textus Receptus was the original text (just as there a surprising number of people who believe that Jesus actually spoke in KJV English). The Textus Receptus was simply the Greek text of the New Testament that was based upon Erasmus' haphazardly assembled 1516 Greek New Testament, which itself was primarily based upon two 12th century documents plus some additions from the Latin Vulgate. For a more complete history of the development of the Textus Receptus and its relation to the KJV, browse:

Bruce Metzger, in his invaluable and definitive A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament, Second Edition (New York: United Bible Societies , 1994, page 318), comments on Acts 9:5-6:

Metzger also has an excellent, detailed summary of the history of the Textus Receptus on pages 8 to 10 of his above-cited Textual Commentary, which can be ordered from the American Bible Society by phone at 1-800-322-4253 or online at:

It might be worthwhile noting here some of the translations based upon the Textus Receptus and those based upon more reliable modern editions of the Greek New Testament.

Various Bible versions and their New Testament bases
New Testament based upon the Textus Receptus* (click here) New Testament based upon more reliable Greek texts
Version Date
Darby Bible 1884,1890
Geneva Bible (the Bible of the Pilgrims) 1557-1560
King James Version (original version) 1611
King James Version (Dr. Benjamin Blayney's revision, used today) 1769
New King James Version 1982
Revised Webster Bible 1998
Tyndale New Testament 1526-1530
Webster Bible 1833
Young's Literal Translation 1862-1898
Some New Testaments based upon the Latin Vulgate
Version Date
Coverdale (Vulgate plus other sources, including Pagninus' Latin Bible, Luther Bible, Zurich Bible, Tyndale Bible) 1535
King James Version (parts of Revelation) 1611
Knox Bible 1944-1949
Rheims-Douai 1582-1609
Wycliffe (using a glossed/annotated version of the Vulgate) 1380

* The Textus Receptus was also influenced by the Latin Vulgate, including a glossed/annotated version of the Vulgate, as explained above.

Version Date
American Standard Version 1901
Amplified Bible (AB) - based on 1901 ASV, with word by word interpretation [book review] 1965
Contemporary English Version 1995
God's Word (website) 1982,1995
Goodspeed's Bible 1939
International Standard Version New Testament (website) 2003
The Jerusalem Bible 1966
The Living Bible - a paraphrase of the 1901 ASV 1971
The Message (NT, Psalms & Proverbs 1993
Moulton's Modern Reader's Bible 1895, 1935
Moffatt's Bible 1954
New American Bible [book review] 1987
New American Standard Version 1977,1995
New Century Version 1986
New English Bible 1971
New International Version [book review] 1978
New Jerusalem Bible [book review] 1985
The New Living Translation - a paraphrase of the Hebrew and Greek texts 1996
New Revised Standard Version [book review] 1993
Phillips' New Testament 1957
Revised English Bible with the Apocrypha [book review] 1996
Revised Standard Version 1952
Revised Version 1881-1885
Rotherham's Emphasized Bible [book review] 1902
Schonefield's New Testament, Revised Edition 1998
Today's English Version [book review] 1976, 1992
The Twentieth Century New Testament 1904
Weymouth New Testament 1930

For a review of several of these Bibles, browse

For an annotated listing of all of these Bible, browse:


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