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<GT> Philippians 4

KJV w/Strong# - {19} God <2316> shall supply <4137> all <3956> your <5216> need <5532> according <2596> to his riches <4149> in glory <1391> by Christ <5547> Jesus <2424>.

NRSV - 19 God will fully satisfy every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

TEV - "Thanks for the Gift" - 14 But it was very good of you to help me in my troubles. 15 You Philippians know very well that when I left Macedonia in the early days of preaching the Good News, you were the only church to help me; you were the only ones who shared my profits and losses. 16 More than once when I needed help in Thessalonica, you sent it to me. 17 It is not that I just want to receive gifts; rather, I want to see profit added to your account. 18 Here, then, is my receipt for everything you have given me -- and it has been more than enough! I have all I need now that Epaphroditus has brought me all your gifts. They are like a sweet-smelling offering to God, a sacrifice which is acceptable and pleasing to him. 19 And with all his abundant wealth through Christ Jesus, my God will supply all your needs.

<RR> Matthew 6

KJV w/Strong# - {19} Lay not up <2343> for yourselves <5213> treasures <2344> upon earth <1093>, where <3699> moth <4597> and rust <1035> doth corrupt <853>, and where <3699> thieves <2812> break <1358> through <1358> and steal <2813>: {20} But lay up <2343> for yourselves <5213> treasures <2344> in heaven <3772>, where <3699> neither <3777> moth <4597> nor <3777> rust <1035> doth corrupt <853>, and where <3699> thieves <2812> do not break <1358> through <1358> nor <3761> steal <2813>: {21} For where <3699> your <5216> treasure <2344> is, there <1563> will your <5216> heart <2588> be also <2532>.

{24} No <3762> man <3762> can <1410> serve <1398> two <1417> masters <2962>: for either <2228> he will hate <3404> the one <1520>, and love <25> the other <2087>; or <2228> else he will hold <472> to the one <1520>, and despise <2706> the other <2087>. Ye cannot <1410> serve <1398> God <2316> and mammon <3126>.

{31} Therefore <3767> take no <3361> thought <3309>, saying <3004>, What <5101> shall we eat <5315>? or <2228>, What <5101> shall we drink <4095>? or <2228>, Wherewithal <5101> shall we be clothed <4016>? {32} (For after <1934> all <537> these <5023> things do the Gentiles <1484> seek <1934>: for your <5216> heavenly <3770> Father <3962> knoweth <1492> that ye have need <5535> of all <3956> these <5130> things. {33} But seek <2212> ye first <4412> the kingdom <932> of God <2316>, and his righteousness <1343>; and all <3956> these <5023> things shall be added <4369> unto you.

NRSV - 19 "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves break in and steal; 20 but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

24 "No one can serve two masters; for a slave will either hate the one and love the other, or be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.

31 Therefore do not worry, saying, "What will we eat?' or "What will we drink?' or "What will we wear?' 32 For it is the Gentiles who strive for all these things; and indeed your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

TEV - "Riches in Heaven" - 19 "Do not store up riches for yourselves here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal. 20 Instead, store up riches for yourselves in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and robbers cannot break in and steal. 21 For your heart will always be where your riches are.

"God and Possessions" - 24 "No one can be a slave of two masters; he will hate one and love the other; he will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. 25 "This is why I tell you: do not be worried about the food and drink you need in order to stay alive, or about clothes for your body. After all, isn't life worth more than food? And isn't the body worth more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds: they do not plant seeds, gather a harvest and put it in barns; yet your Father in heaven takes care of them! Aren't you worth much more than birds? 27 Can any of you live a bit longer by worrying about it?

31 "So do not start worrying: "Where will my food come from? or my drink? or my clothes?' 32 (These are the things the pagans are always concerned about.) Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. 33 Instead, be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom of God and with what he requires of you, and he will provide you with all these other things. 34 So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.

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<B1> Romans 11

KJV w/Strong# - {33} O the depth <899> of the riches <4149> both <2532> of the wisdom <4678> and knowledge <1108> of God <2316>! how <5613> unsearchable <419> [are] his judgments <2917>, and his ways <3598> past <421> finding <421> out!

{36} For of him, and through <1223> him, and to him, [are] all <3956> things: to whom <846> [be] glory <1391> for ever <165>...

NRSV - 33 O the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!

36 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever...

TEV - "Praise to God" - 33 How great are God's riches! How deep are his wisdom and knowledge! Who can explain his decisions? Who can understand his ways? 34 As the scripture says, "Who knows the mind of the Lord? Who is able to give him advice? 35 Who has ever given him anything, so that he had to pay it back?" 36 For all things were created by him, and all things exist through him and for him. To God be the glory forever! Amen.

<B2> Proverbs 8

KJV w/Strong# - {1} Doth not wisdom <02451> cry <07121>? and understanding <08394> put <05414> forth her voice <06963>?

{6} Hear <08085>; for I will speak <01696> of excellent <05057> things; and the opening <04669> of my lips <08193> [shall be] right <04339> things. {7} For my mouth <02441> shall speak <01897> truth <0571>;...

{18} Riches <06239> and honour <03519> [are] with me; [yea], durable <06276> riches <01952> and righteousness <06666>. {19} My fruit <06529> [is] better <02896> than gold <02742>, yea, than fine gold <06337>; and my revenue <08393> than choice <0977> silver <03701>. {20} I lead <01980> in the way <0734> of righteousness <06666>, in the midst <08432> of the paths <05410> of judgment <04941>: {21} That I may cause those that love <0157> me to inherit <05157> substance <03426>; and I will fill <04390> their treasures <0214>.

NRSV - 1 Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice?

6 Hear, for I will speak noble things, and from my lips will come what is right; 7 for my mouth will utter truth;...

18 Riches and honor are with me, enduring wealth and prosperity. 19 My fruit is better than gold, even fine gold, and my yield than choice silver. 20 I walk in the way of righteousness, along the paths of justice, 21 endowing with wealth those who love me, and filling their treasuries.

TEV - "In Praise of Wisdom" - 1 Listen! Wisdom is calling out. Reason is making herself heard. 2 On the hilltops near the road and at the crossroads she stands. 3 At the entrance to the city, beside the gates, she calls: 4 "I appeal to you, mankind; I call to everyone on earth. 5 Are you immature? Learn to be mature. Are you foolish? Learn to have sense. 6 Listen to my excellent words; all I tell you is right. 7 What I say is the truth; lies are hateful to me. 8 Everything I say is true; nothing is false or misleading. 9 To the man with insight, it is all clear; to the well-informed, it is all plain. 10 Choose my instruction instead of silver; choose knowledge rather than the finest gold.

18 I have riches and honor to give, prosperity and success. 19 What you get from me is better than the finest gold, better than the purest silver. 20 I walk the way of righteousness; I follow the paths of justice, 21 giving wealth to those who love me, filling their houses with treasures.

<B3> 2 Corinthians 4

KJV w/Strong# - {18} ...we look <4648> not at <4648> the things which are seen <991>, but at <4648> the things which are not seen <991>: for the things which are seen <991> [are] temporal <4340>; but the things which are not seen <991> [are] eternal <166>.

NRSV - 18 because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.

TEV - "Living by Faith" - 16 For this reason we never become discouraged. Even though our physical being is gradually decaying, yet our spiritual being is renewed day after day. 17 And this small and temporary trouble we suffer will bring us a tremendous and eternal glory, much greater than the trouble. 18 For we fix our attention, not on things that are seen, but on things that are unseen. What can be seen lasts only for a time, but what cannot be seen lasts forever.

<B4> 1 Corinthians 2

KJV w/Strong# - {12} Now <1161> we have received <2983>, not the spirit <4151> of the world <2889>, but the spirit <4151> which <3588> is of God <2316>; that we might know <1492> the things that are freely given <5483> to us of God <2316>.

{14} But the natural <5591> man <444> receiveth <1209> not the things of the Spirit <4151> of God <2316>: for they are foolishness <3472> unto him: neither <3756> can <1410> he know <1097> [them], because <3754> they are spiritually <4153> discerned <350>.

NRSV - 12 Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit that is from God, so that we may understand the gifts bestowed on us by God.

14 Those who are unspiritual do not receive the gifts of God's Spirit, for they are foolishness to them, and they are unable to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.

TEV - "God's Wisdom" - 9 However, as the scripture says, "What no one ever saw or heard, what no one ever thought could happen, is the very thing God prepared for those who love him." 10 But it was to us that God made known his secret by means of his Spirit. The Spirit searches everything, even the hidden depths of God's purposes. 11 It is only a person's own spirit within him that knows all about him; in the same way, only God's Spirit knows all about God. 12 We have not received this world's spirit; instead, we have received the Spirit sent by God, so that we may know all that God has given us. 13 So then, we do not speak in words taught by human wisdom, but in words taught by the Spirit, as we explain spiritual truths to those who have the Spirit. 14 Whoever does not have the Spirit cannot receive the gifts that come from God's Spirit. Such a person really does not understand them; they are nonsense to him, because their value can be judged only on a spiritual basis.

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<B5> Luke 4

KJV w/Strong# - {14} And Jesus <2424> returned <5290> in the power <1411> of the Spirit <4151> into <1519> Galilee <1056>: and there went <1831> out a fame <5345> of him through <2596> all <3650> the region <4066> round <4066> about <4066>. {15} And he taught <1321> in their synagogues <4864>, being glorified <1392> of all <3956>.

NRSV - 14 Then Jesus, filled with the power of the Spirit, returned to Galilee, and a report about him spread through all the surrounding country. 15 He began to teach in their synagogues and was praised by everyone.

TEV - "Jesus Begins His Work in Galilee" - 14 Then Jesus returned to Galilee, and the power of the Holy Spirit was with him. The news about him spread throughout all that territory. 15 He taught in the synagogues and was praised by everyone.

<B6> Luke 5

KJV w/Strong# - {1} And it came <1096> to pass, that, as the people <3793> pressed <1945> upon him to hear <191> the word <3056> of God <2316>, he stood <2476> by the lake <3041> of Gennesaret <1082>, {2} And saw <1492> two <1417> ships <4143> standing <2476> by the lake <3041>: but the fishermen <231> were gone <576> out of them, and were washing <637> [their] nets <1350>. {3} And he entered <1684> into <1519> one <1520> of the ships <4143>, which <3739> was Simon's <4613>, and prayed <2065> him that he would thrust <1877> out a little <3641> from the land <1093>. And he sat <2523> down <2523>, and taught <1321> the people <3793> out of the ship <4143>. {4} Now <1161> when <5613> he had left <3973> speaking <2980>, he said <2036> unto Simon <4613>, Launch <1877> out into <1519> the deep <899>, and let <5465> down <5465> your <5216> nets <1350> for a draught <61>. {5} And Simon <4613> answering <611> said <2036> unto him, Master <1988>, we have toiled <2872> all <3650> the night <3571>, and have taken <2983> nothing <3762>: nevertheless <1161> at <1909> thy word <4487> I will let <5465> down <5465> the net <1350>. {6} And when they had this <5124> done <4160>, they inclosed <4788> a great <4183> multitude <4128> of fishes <2486>: and their net <1350> brake <1284>. {7} And they beckoned <2656> unto [their] partners <3353>, which <3588> were in the other <2087> ship <4143>, that they should come <2064> and help <4815> them. And they came <2064>, and filled <4130> both <297> the ships <4143>, so <5620> that they began to sink <1036>. {8} When Simon <4613> Peter <4074> saw <1492> [it], he fell <4363> down at <4363> Jesus <2424>' knees <1119>, saying <3004>, Depart <1831> from me; for I am <1510> a sinful <268> man <435>, O Lord <2962>. {9} For he was astonished <2285>, and all <3956> that were with him, at <1909> the draught <61> of the fishes <2486> which <3739> they had taken <4815>:

NRSV - 1 Once while Jesus was standing beside the lake of Gennesaret, and the crowd was pressing in on him to hear the word of God, 2 he saw two boats there at the shore of the lake; the fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their nets. 3 He got into one of the boats, the one belonging to Simon, and asked him to put out a little way from the shore. Then he sat down and taught the crowds from the boat. 4 When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, "Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch." 5 Simon answered, "Master, we have worked all night long but have caught nothing. Yet if you say so, I will let down the nets." 6 When they had done this, they caught so many fish that their nets were beginning to break. 7 So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them. And they came and filled both boats, so that they began to sink. 8 But when Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus' knees, saying, "Go away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!" 9 For he and all who were with him were amazed at the catch of fish that they had taken;

TEV - "Jesus Calls the First Disciples" - 1 One day Jesus was standing on the shore of Lake Gennesaret while the people pushed their way up to him to listen to the word of God. 2 He saw two boats pulled up on the beach; the fishermen had left them and were washing the nets. 3 Jesus got into one of the boats -- it belonged to Simon -- and asked him to push off a little from the shore. Jesus sat in the boat and taught the crowd. 4 When he finished speaking, he said to Simon, "Push the boat out further to the deep water, and you and your partners let down your nets for a catch." 5 "Master," Simon answered, "we worked hard all night long and caught nothing. But if you say so, I will let down the nets." 6 They let them down and caught such a large number of fish that the nets were about to break. 7 So they motioned to their partners in the other boat to come and help them. They came and filled both boats so full of fish that the boats were about to sink. 8 When Simon Peter saw what had happened, he fell on his knees before Jesus and said, "Go away from me, Lord! I am a sinful man!" 9 He and the others with him were all amazed at the large number of fish they had caught. 10 The same was true of Simon's partners, James and John, the sons of Zebedee. Jesus said to Simon, "Don't be afraid; from now on you will be catching men."

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<B7> Malachi 3

KJV w/Strong# - {6} ...I [am] the LORD <03068>, I change <08138> not; therefore ye sons <01121> of Jacob <03290> are not consumed <03615>.

NRSV - 6 For I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, have not perished.

TEV - "The Payment of Tithes" - 6 "I am the LORD, and I do not change. And so you, the descendants of Jacob, are not yet completely lost.

<B8> Isaiah 51

KJV w/Strong# - {12} I, [even] I, [am] he that comforteth <05162> you: who <04310> [art] thou, that thou shouldest be afraid <03372> of a man <0582> [that] shall die <04191>, and of the son <01121> of man <0120> [which] shall be made <05414> [as] grass <02682>; {13} And forgettest <07911> the LORD <03068> thy maker <06213>, that hath stretched <05186> forth the heavens <08064>, and laid the foundations <03245> of the earth <0776>;...

NRSV - 12 I, I am he who comforts you; why then are you afraid of a mere mortal who must die, a human being who fades like grass? 13 You have forgotten the LORD, your Maker, who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth....

TEV - "Words of Comfort to Jerusalem" - 12 The LORD says, "I am the one who strengthens you. Why should you fear mortal man, who is no more enduring than grass? 13 Have you forgotten the LORD who made you, who stretched out the heavens and laid the earth's foundations? Why should you live in constant fear of the fury of those who oppress you, of those who are ready to destroy you? Their fury can no longer touch you. 14 Those who are prisoners will soon be set free; they will live a long life and have all the food they need.

<B9> Psalm 139

KJV w/Strong# - {1} O LORD <03068>, thou hast searched <02713> me, and known <03045> [me].

{14} I will praise <03034> thee; for I am fearfully <03372> [and] wonderfully <06395> made: marvellous <06381> [are] thy works <04639>; and [that] my soul <05315> knoweth <03045> right well.

NRSV - 1 O LORD, you have searched me and known me.

14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.

TEV - "God's Complete Knowledge and Care" - 1 LORD, you have examined me and you know me. 2 You know everything I do; from far away you understand all my thoughts. 3 You see me, whether I am working or resting; you know all my actions. 4 Even before I speak, you already know what I will say. 5 You are all around me on every side; you protect me with your power. 6 Your knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my understanding.

13 You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother's womb. 14 I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is strange and wonderful. I know it with all my heart. 15 When my bones were being formed, carefully put together in my mother's womb, when I was growing there in secret, you knew that I was there -- 16 you saw me before I was born. The days allotted to me had all been recorded in your book, before any of them ever began.

<B10> Psalm 92

KJV w/Strong# - {4} For thou, LORD <03068>, hast made me glad <08056> through thy work <06467>: I will triumph <07442> in the works <04639> of thy hands <03027>.

{12} The righteous <06662> shall flourish <06524> like the palm <08558> tree: he shall grow <07685> like a cedar <0730> in Lebanon <03844>. {13} Those that be planted <08362> in the house <01004> of the LORD <03068> shall flourish <06524> in the courts <02691> of our God <0430>. {14} They shall still <05750> bring <05107> forth <05107> fruit <05107> in old <07872> age <07872>; they shall be fat <01879> and flourishing <07488>; {15} To shew <05046> that the LORD <03068> [is] upright <03477>: [he is] my rock <06697>, and [there is] no <03808> unrighteousness <05766> in him.

NRSV - 4 For you, O LORD, have made me glad by your work; at the works of your hands I sing for joy.

12 The righteous flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 13 They are planted in the house of the LORD; they flourish in the courts of our God. 14 In old age they still produce fruit; they are always green and full of sap, 15 showing that the LORD is upright; he is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in him. lop

TEV - "A Song of Praise" - 1 How good it is to give thanks to you, O LORD, to sing in your honor, O Most High God, 2 to proclaim your constant love every morning and your faithfulness every night, 3 with the music of stringed instruments and with melody on the harp. 4 Your mighty deeds, O LORD, make me glad; because of what you have done, I sing for joy.

12 The righteous will flourish like palm trees; they will grow like the cedars of Lebanon. 13 They are like trees planted in the house of the LORD, that flourish in the Temple of our God, 14 that still bear fruit in old age and are always green and strong. 15 This shows that the LORD is just, that there is no wrong in my protector.

<B11> James 1

KJV w/Strong# - {17} Every <3956> good <18> gift <1394> and every <3956> perfect <5046> gift <1394> is from above <509>, and cometh down <2597> from the Father <3962> of lights <5457>, with whom <3739> is no <3756> variableness <3883>, neither <2228> shadow <644> of turning <5157>.

NRSV - 17 Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

TEV - "Testing and Tempting" - 16 Do not be deceived, my dear brothers! 17 Every good gift and every perfect present comes from heaven; it comes down from God, the Creator of the heavenly lights, who does not change or cause darkness by turning. 18 By his own will he brought us into being through the word of truth, so that we should have first place among all his creatures.

[********** 4 **********]

<B12> Luke 8

KJV w/Strong# - {40} And it came <1096> to pass, that, when <3588> Jesus <2424> was returned <5290>, the people <3793> [gladly] received <588> him: for they were all <3956> waiting <4328> for him.

NRSV - 40 Now when Jesus returned, the crowd welcomed him, for they were all waiting for him.

TEV - "Jairus' Daughter and the Woman Who Touched Jesus' Cloak" - 40 When Jesus returned to the other side of the lake, the people welcomed him, because they had all been waiting for him. 41 Then a man named Jairus arrived; he was an official in the local synagogue. He threw himself down at Jesus' feet and begged him to go to his home, 42 because his only daughter, who was twelve years old, was dying. As Jesus went along, the people were crowding him from every side.

<B13> Luke 12

KJV w/Strong# - {13} And one <5100> of the company <3793> said <2036> unto him, Master <1320>, speak <2036> to my brother <80>, that he divide <3307> the inheritance <2817> with me. {14} And he said <2036> unto him, Man <444>, who <5101> made <2525> me a judge <1348> or <2228> a divider <3312> over <1909> you? {15} And he said <2036> unto them, Take heed <3708>, and beware <5442> of covetousness <4124>: for a man's <5100> life <2222> consisteth <2076> not in the abundance <4052> of the things which he possesseth <5224>.

{33} Sell <4453> that ye have <5224>, and give <1325> alms <1654>; provide <4160> yourselves <1438> bags <905> which wax <3822> not old <3822>, a treasure <2344> in the heavens <3772> that faileth <413> not, where <3699> no <3756> thief <2812> approacheth <1448>, neither <3761> moth <4597> corrupteth <1311>.

NRSV - 13 Someone in the crowd said to him, "Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me." 14 But he said to him, "Friend, who set me to be a judge or arbitrator over you?" 15 And he said to them, "Take care! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; for one's life does not consist in the abundance of possessions."

33 Sell your possessions, and give alms. Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out, an unfailing treasure in heaven, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.

TEV - "The Parable of the Rich Fool" - 13 A man in the crowd said to Jesus, "Teacher, tell my brother to divide with me the property our father left us." 14 Jesus answered him, "Man, who gave me the right to judge or to divide the property between you two?" 15 And he went on to say to them all, "Watch out and guard yourselves from every kind of greed; because a person's true life is not made up of the things he owns, no matter how rich he may be."

"Riches in Heaven" - 32 "Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom. 33 Sell all your belongings and give the money to the poor. Provide for yourselves purses that don't wear out, and save your riches in heaven, where they will never decrease, because no thief can get to them, and no moth can destroy them. 34 For your heart will always be where your riches are.

<B14> Philippians 4

KJV w/Strong# - {4} Rejoice <5463> in the Lord <2962> alway <3842>: [and] again <3825> I say <2046>, Rejoice <5463>. {5} Let your <5216> moderation <1933> be known <1097> unto all <3956> men <444>. The Lord <2962> [is] at <1451> hand <1451>.

{8} Finally <3063>, brethren <80>, whatsoever <3745> things are true <227>, whatsoever <3745> things [are] honest <4586>, whatsoever <3745> things [are] just <1342>, whatsoever <3745> things [are] pure <53>, whatsoever <3745> things [are] lovely <4375>, whatsoever <3745> things [are] of good <2163> report <2163>; if <1487> [there be] any <1536> virtue <703>, and if <1487> [there be] any <1536> praise <1868>, think <3049> on these <5023> things. {9} Those <5023> things, which <3739> ye have both <2532> learned <3129>, and received <3880>, and heard <191>, and seen <1492> in me, do <4238>: and the God <2316> of peace <1515> shall be with you.

NRSV - 4 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. 5 Let your gentleness be known to everyone. The Lord is near.

8 Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. 9 Keep on doing the things that you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you.

TEV - "Instructions" - 1 So then, my brothers, how dear you are to me and how I miss you! How happy you make me, and how proud I am of you! -- this, dear brothers, is how you should stand firm in your life in the Lord. 2 Euodia and Syntyche, please, I beg you, try to agree as sisters in the Lord. 3 And you too, my faithful partner, I want you to help these women; for they have worked hard with me to spread the gospel, together with Clement and all my other fellow workers, whose names are in God's book of the living. 4 May you always be joyful in your union with the Lord. I say it again: rejoice! 5 Show a gentle attitude toward everyone. The Lord is coming soon. 6 Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. 7 And God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. 8 In conclusion, my brothers, fill your minds with those things that are good and that deserve praise: things that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and honorable. 9 Put into practice what you learned and received from me, both from my words and from my actions. And the God who gives us peace will be with you.

[********** 5 **********]

<B15> Psalm 37

KJV w/Strong# - {37} Mark <08104> the perfect <08535> [man], and behold <07200> the upright <03477>: for the end <0319> of [that] man <0376> [is] peace <07965>.

NRSV - 37 Mark the blameless, and behold the upright, for there is posterity for the peaceable.

TEV - "The Destiny of the Wicked and of the Good" - 35 I once knew a wicked man who was a tyrant; he towered over everyone like a cedar of Lebanon; 36 but later I passed by, and he wasn't there; I looked for him, but couldn't find him. 37 Notice the good man, observe the righteous man; a peaceful man has descendants, 38 but sinners are completely destroyed, and their descendants are wiped out.

<B16> Isaiah 40

KJV w/Strong# - {1} Comfort <05162> ye, comfort <05162> ye my people <05971>, saith <0559> your God <0430>.

{4} Every <03605> valley <01516> shall be exalted <05375>, and every <03605> mountain <02022> and hill <01389> shall be made low <08213>: and the crooked <06121> shall be made straight <04334>, and the rough <07406> places plain <01237>: {5} And the glory <03519> of the LORD <03068> shall be revealed <01540>, and all <03605> flesh <01320> shall see <07200> [it] together <03162>: for the mouth <06310> of the LORD <03068> hath spoken <01696> [it].

NRSV - 1 Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God.

4 Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and the rough places a plain. 5 Then the glory of the LORD shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together, for the mouth of the LORD has spoken."

TEV - "Words of Hope" - 1 "Comfort my people," says our God. "Comfort them! 2 Encourage the people of Jerusalem. Tell them they have suffered long enough and their sins are now forgiven. I have punished them in full for all their sins." 3 A voice cries out, "Prepare in the wilderness a road for the LORD! Clear the way in the desert for our God! 4 Fill every valley; level every mountain. The hills will become a plain, and the rough country will be made smooth. 5 Then the glory of the LORD will be revealed, and all mankind will see it. The LORD himself has promised this."

<B17> Acts 5

KJV w/Strong# - {12} And by the hands <5495> of the apostles <652> were many <4183> signs <4592> and wonders <5059> wrought <1096> among <1722> the people <2992>;...

{16} There came <4905> also <2532> a multitude <4128> [out] of the cities <4172> round <4038> about <4038> unto Jerusalem <2419>, bringing <5342> sick <772> folks, and them which were vexed <3791> with unclean <169> spirits <4151>: and they were healed <2323> every <537> one.

NRSV - 12 Now many signs and wonders were done among the people through the apostles...

16 A great number of people would also gather from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing the sick and those tormented by unclean spirits, and they were all cured.

TEV - "Miracles and Wonders" - 12 Many miracles and wonders were being performed among the people by the apostles. All the believers met together in Solomon's Porch. 13 Nobody outside the group dared join them, even though the people spoke highly of them. 14 But more and more people were added to the group -- a crowd of men and women who believed in the Lord. 15 As a result of what the apostles were doing, sick people were carried out into the streets and placed on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. 16 And crowds of people came in from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing those who were sick or who had evil spirits in them; and they were all healed.

<B18> Acts 14

KJV w/Strong# - {8} And there sat <2521> a certain <5100> man <435> at <1722> Lystra <3082>, impotent <102> in his feet <4228>, being <5225> a cripple <5560> from his mother's <3384> womb <2836>, who <3739> never <3763> had walked <4043>: {9} The same <3778> heard <191> Paul <3972> speak <2980>: who <3739> stedfastly <816> beholding <816> him, and perceiving <1492> that he had <2192> faith <4102> to be healed <4982>, {10} Said <2036> with a loud <3173> voice <5456>, Stand <450> upright <3717> on <1909> thy feet <4228>. And he leaped <242> and walked <4043>.

NRSV - 8 In Lystra there was a man sitting who could not use his feet and had never walked, for he had been crippled from birth. 9 He listened to Paul as he was speaking. And Paul, looking at him intently and seeing that he had faith to be healed, 10 said in a loud voice, "Stand upright on your feet." And the man sprang up and began to walk.

TEV - "In Lystra and Derbe" - 8 In Lystra there was a crippled man who had been lame from birth and had never been able to walk. 9 He sat there and listened to Paul's words. Paul saw that he believed and could be healed, so he looked straight at him 10 and said in a loud voice, "Stand up straight on your feet!" The man jumped up and started walking around. 11 When the crowds saw what Paul had done, they started shouting in their own Lycaonian language, "The gods have become like men and have come down to us!" 12 They gave Barnabas the name Zeus, and Paul the name Hermes, because he was the chief speaker. 13 The priest of the god Zeus, whose temple stood just outside the town, brought bulls and flowers to the gate, for he and the crowds wanted to offer sacrifice to the apostles.

[********** 6 **********]

<B19> Luke 6

KJV w/Strong# - {31} And as ye would <2309> that men <444> should do <4160> to you, do <4160> ye also <2532> to them likewise <3668>.

{38} Give <1325>, and it shall be given <1325> unto you; good <2570> measure <3358>, pressed <4085> down, and shaken <4531> together, and running <5240> over <5240>, shall men give <1325> into <1519> your <5216> bosom <2859>. For with the same <846> measure <3358> that ye mete <3354> withal it shall be measured <488> to you again <488>.

{45} A good <18> man <444> out of the good <18> treasure <2344> of his heart <2588> bringeth <4393> forth <4393> that which is good <18>;...

NRSV - 31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

38 give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back."

45 The good person out of the good treasure of the heart produces good, and the evil person out of evil treasure produces evil; for it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks.

TEV - "Love for Enemies" - 27 "But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28 bless those who curse you, and pray for those who mistreat you. 29 If anyone hits you on one cheek, let him hit the other one too; if someone takes your coat, let him have your shirt as well. 30 Give to everyone who asks you for something, and when someone takes what is yours, do not ask for it back. 31 Do for others just what you want them to do for you.

"Judging Others" - 37 "Do not judge others, and God will not judge you; do not condemn others, and God will not condemn you; forgive others, and God will forgive you. 38 Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands -- all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you." 39 And Jesus told them this parable: "One blind man cannot lead another one; if he does, both will fall into a ditch. 40 No pupil is greater than his teacher; but every pupil, when he has completed his training, will be like his teacher.

"A Tree and Its Fruit" - 43 "A healthy tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a poor tree bear good fruit. 44 Every tree is known by the fruit it bears; you do not pick figs from thorn bushes or gather grapes from bramble bushes. 45 A good person brings good out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.

<B20> Matthew 10

KJV w/Strong# - {8} Heal <2323> the sick <770>, cleanse <2511> the lepers <3015>, raise <1453> the dead <3498>, cast <1544> out devils <1140>: freely <1432> ye have received <2983>, freely <1432> give <1325>.

NRSV - 8 Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. You received without payment; give without payment.

TEV - "The Mission of the Twelve" - 5 These twelve men were sent out by Jesus with the following instructions: "Do not go to any Gentile territory or any Samaritan towns. 6 Instead, you are to go to the lost sheep of the people of Israel. 7 Go and preach, "The Kingdom of heaven is near!' 8 Heal the sick, bring the dead back to life, heal those who suffer from dreaded skin diseases, and drive out demons. You have received without paying, so give without being paid. 9 Do not carry any gold, silver, or copper money in your pockets; 10 do not carry a beggar's bag for the trip or an extra shirt or shoes or a walking stick. A worker should be given what he needs.

<B21> 2 Corinthians 8

KJV w/Strong# - {13} For [I mean] not that other <243> men be eased <425>, and ye burdened <2347>: {14} But by an equality <2471>, [that] now <3568> at <1722> this <3568> time <2540> your <5216> abundance <4051> [may be a supply] for their want <5303>, that their abundance <4051> also <2532> may be [a supply] for your <5216> want <5303>: that there may be equality <2471>:

NRSV - 13 I do not mean that there should be relief for others and pressure on you, but it is a question of a fair balance between 14 your present abundance and their need, so that their abundance may be for your need, in order that there may be a fair balance.

TEV - "Christian Giving" - 13...14 I am not trying to relieve others by putting a burden on you; but since you have plenty at this time, it is only fair that you should help those who are in need. Then, when you are in need and they have plenty, they will help you. In this way both are treated equally. 15 As the scripture says, "The one who gathered much did not have too much, and the one who gathered little did not have too little."

<B22> 2 Corinthians 9

KJV w/Strong# - {8} And God <2316> [is] able <1415> to make <4052> all <3956> grace <5485> abound <4052> toward <1519> you; that ye, always <3842> having <2192> all <3956> sufficiency <841> in all <3956> [things], may abound <4052> to every <3956> good <18> work <2041>: {9} (As it is written <1125>, He hath dispersed <4650> abroad <4650>; he hath given <1325> to the poor <3993>: his righteousness <1343> remaineth <3306> for ever <165>. {10} Now <1161> he that ministereth <2023> seed <4690> to the sower <4687> both <2532> minister <5524> bread <740> for [your] food <1035>, and multiply <4129> your <5216> seed <4703> sown, and increase <837> the fruits <1081> of your <5216> righteousness <1343>;) {11} Being enriched <4148> in every <3956> thing to all <3956> bountifulness <572>, which <3748> causeth <2716> through <1223> us thanksgiving <2169> to God <2316>. {12} For the administration <1248> of this <5026> service <3009> not only <3440> supplieth <4322> the want <5303> of the saints <40>, but is abundant <4052> also <2532> by many <4183> thanksgivings <2169> unto God <2316>;

NRSV - 8 And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. 9 As it is written, "He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures forever." 10 He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. 11 You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God through us; 12 for the rendering of this ministry not only supplies the needs of the saints but also overflows with many thanksgivings to God.

TEV - "Help for Fellow Christians" - 5 So I thought it was necessary to urge these brothers to go to you ahead of me and get ready in advance the gift you promised to make. Then it will be ready when I arrive, and it will show that you give because you want to, not because you have to. 6 Remember that the person who plants few seeds will have a small crop; the one who plants many seeds will have a large crop. 7 Each one should give, then, as he has decided, not with regret or out of a sense of duty; for God loves the one who gives gladly. 8 And God is able to give you more than you need, so that you will always have all you need for yourselves and more than enough for every good cause. 9 As the scripture says, "He gives generously to the needy; his kindness lasts forever." 10 And God, who supplies seed for the sower and bread to eat, will also supply you with all the seed you need and will make it grow and produce a rich harvest from your generosity. 11 He will always make you rich enough to be generous at all times, so that many will thank God for your gifts which they receive from us. 12 For this service you perform not only meets the needs of God's people, but also produces an outpouring of gratitude to God.


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