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Michal (short form of Heb. Michael, ‘who is like God?’), Saul’s younger daughter (1 Sam. 14:49), who became David’s wife. Her love for David was exploited by Saul, who hoped to dispose of David by asking an unusual and difficult bridal price (1 Sam. 18:20-29). Like her brother Jonathan, she saved David from Saul’s attempt to kill him, cleverly covering up his escape (1 Sam. 19:11-17). Saul later gave Michal to Palti (1 Sam. 25:44) but she was returned to David as part of a political bargain (2 Sam. 3:12-16). Michal and David quarreled over his behavior before the Ark (2 Sam. 6:12-23; cf. 1 Chron. 15:29) with tragic consequences for Michal. She died childless.

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David and his wives.

It should be noted that marriage was often a tool used to consolidate political power and alliances.

The following are the wives of David that are mentioned in the Bible. Based upon the number of his children, David possibly had additional wives and/or concubines. (See 2Sa 5:14; 1Ch 3:5-9; 1Ch 14:4-7)


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