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<GT> Psalm 62

KJV Psalm 62:5 My soul <05315>, wait <01826> (08798) thou only upon God <0430>; for my expectation <08615> is from him.

NRS Psalm 62:5 For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is from him.

NLT Psalm 62:5 I wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.

LBA Psalm 62:5 Alma mía, espera en silencio solamente en Dios, pues de Él viene mi esperanza.

<RR1> Psalm 66

KJV Psalm 66:1 Make a joyful noise <07321> (08685) unto God <0430>, all ye lands <0776>: 2 Sing forth <02167> (08761) the honour <03519> of his name <08034>: make <07760> (08798) his praise <08416> glorious <03519>.

8 O bless <01288> (08761) our God <0430>, ye people <05971>, and make the voice <06963> of his praise <08416> to be heard <08085> (08685): 9 Which holdeth <07760> (08802) our soul <05315> in life <02416>, and suffereth <05414> (08804) not our feet <07272> to be moved <04132>.

16 Come <03212> (08798) and hear <08085> (08798), all ye that fear <03373> God <0430>, and I will declare <05608> (08762) what he hath done <06213> (08804) for my soul <05315>. 17 I cried <07121> (08804) unto him with my mouth <06310>, and he was extolled <07311> (08785) (08676) <07318> (08785) with <08478> my tongue <03956>. 18 If I regard <07200> (08804) iniquity <0205> in my heart <03820>, the Lord <0136> will not hear <08085> (08799) me: 19 But verily <0403> God <0430> hath heard <08085> (08804) me; he hath attended <07181> (08689) to the voice <06963> of my prayer <08605>.

NRS Psalm 66:1 Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth; 2 sing the glory of his name; give to him glorious praise.

8 Bless our God, O peoples, let the sound of his praise be heard, 9 who has kept us among the living, and has not let our feet slip.

16 Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell what he has done for me. 17 I cried aloud to him, and he was extolled with my tongue. 18 If I had cherished iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. 19 But truly God has listened; he has given heed to the words of my prayer.

NLT Psalm 66:1 Shout joyful praises to God, all the earth! 2 Sing about the glory of his name! Tell the world how glorious he is.

8 Let the whole world bless our God and sing aloud his praises. 9 Our lives are in his hands, and he keeps our feet from stumbling.

16 Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me. 17 For I cried out to him for help, praising him as I spoke. 18 If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, my Lord would not have listened. 19 But God did listen! He paid attention to my prayer.

LBA Psalm 66:1 Aclamad con júbilo a Dios, toda la tierra; 2 cantad la gloria de su nombre; haced gloriosa su alabanza.

8 Bendecid, oh pueblos, a nuestro Dios, y haced oír la voz de su alabanza. 9 Él es quien nos guarda con vida, y no permite que nuestros pies resbalen.

16 Venid y oíd, todos los que a Dios teméis, y contaré lo que Él ha hecho por mi alma. 17 Con mi boca clamé a Él, y ensalzado fue con mi lengua. 18 Si observo iniquidad en mi corazón, el Señor no me escuchará. 19 Pero ciertamente Dios me ha oído; Él atendió a la voz de mi oración.

<RR2> Psalm 65

KJV Psalm 65:1 Praise <08416> waiteth <01747> for thee, O God <0430>, in Sion <06726>: and unto thee shall the vow <05088> be performed <07999> (08792). 2 O thou that hearest <08085> (08802) prayer <08605>, unto thee shall all flesh <01320> come <0935> (08799).

4 Blessed <0835> is the man whom thou choosest <0977> (08799), and causest to approach <07126> (08762) unto thee, that he may dwell <07931> (08799) in thy courts <02691>: we shall be satisfied <07646> (08799) with the goodness <02898> of thy house <01004>, even of thy holy <06918> temple <01964>.

NRS Psalm 65:1 Praise is due to you, O God, in Zion; and to you shall vows be performed, 2 O you who answer prayer! To you all flesh shall come.

4 Happy are those whom you choose and bring near to live in your courts. We shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house, your holy temple.

NLT Psalm 65:1 What mighty praise, O God, belongs to you in Zion. We will fulfill our vows to you, 2 for you answer our prayers, and to you all people will come.

4 What joy for those you choose to bring near, those who live in your holy courts. What joys await us inside your holy Temple.

LBA Psalm 65:1 Silencio habrá delante de ti, y alabanza en Sion, oh Dios; y a ti se cumplirá el voto. 2 ¡Oh tú, que escuchas la oración! Hasta ti viene todo hombre.

4 Cuán bienaventurado es el que tú escoges, y acercas a ti, para que more en tus atrios. Seremos saciados con el bien de tu casa, tu santo templo.

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<B1> Acts 17

KJV Acts 17:24 God <2316> that made <4160> (5660) the world <2889> and <2532> all things <3956> therein <1722> <846>, seeing that he <3778> is <5225> (5723) Lord <2962> of heaven <3772> and <2532> earth <1093>, dwelleth <2730> (5719) not <3756> in <1722> temples <3485> made with hands <5499>; 25 Neither <3761> is worshipped <2323> (5743) with <5259> men's <444> hands <5495>, as though he needed <4326> (5740) any thing <5100>, seeing he <846> giveth <1325> (5723) to all <3956> life <2222>, and <2532> breath <4157>, and <2596> all things <3956>;

28 For <1063> in <1722> him <846> we live <2198> (5719), and <2532> move <2795> (5743), and <2532> have our being <2070> (5748); ...

NRS Acts 17:24 The God who made the world and everything in it, he who is Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by human hands, 25 nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mortals life and breath and all things.

28 For 'In him we live and move and have our being';...

NLT Acts 17:24 "He is the God who made the world and everything in it. Since he is Lord of heaven and earth, he doesn't live in man-made temples, 25 and human hands can't serve his needs-- for he has no needs. He himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need there is.

28 For in him we live and move and exist...

LBA Acts 17:24 El Dios que hizo el mundo y todo lo que en él hay, puesto que es Señor del cielo y de la tierra, no mora en templos hechos por manos de hombres, 25 ni es servido por manos humanas, como si necesitara de algo, puesto que Él da a todos vida y aliento y todas las cosas;

28 porque en Él vivimos, nos movemos y existimos,...

<B2> Psalm 84

KJV Psalm 84:1 How amiable <03039> are thy tabernacles <04908>, O LORD <03068> of hosts <06635>! 2 My soul <05315> longeth <03700> (08738), yea, even fainteth <03615> (08804) for the courts <02691> of the LORD <03068>: my heart <03820> and my flesh <01320> crieth out <07442> (08762) for the living <02416> God <0410>. 3 Yea, the sparrow <06833> hath found <04672> (08804) an house <01004>, and the swallow <01866> a nest <07064> for herself, where she may lay <07896> (08804) her young <0667>, even thine altars <04196>, O LORD <03068> of hosts <06635>, my King <04428>, and my God <0430>. 4 Blessed <0835> are they that dwell <03427> (08802) in thy house <01004>: they will be still praising <01984> (08762) thee.

NRS Psalm 84:1 How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD of hosts! 2 My soul longs, indeed it faints for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God.

4 Happy are those who live in your house, ever singing your praise.

NLT Psalm 84:1 How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD Almighty. 2 I long, yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the LORD. With my whole being, body and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God.

4 How happy are those who can live in your house, always singing your praises.

LBA Psalm 84:1¡Cuán preciosas son tus moradas, oh SEÑOR de los ejércitos! 2 Anhelaba mi alma, y aun deseaba con ansias los atrios del SEÑOR; mi corazón y mi carne cantan con gozo al Dios vivo.

4 ¡Cuán bienaventurados son los que moran en tu casa! Continuamente te alaban.

<B3> Psalm 8

KJV Psalm 8:1 O LORD <03068> our Lord <0113>, how excellent <0117> is thy name <08034> in all the earth <0776>! who hast set <05414> (08798) thy glory <01935> above the heavens <08064>.

3 When I consider <07200> (08799) thy heavens <08064>, the work <04639> of thy fingers <0676>, the moon <03394> and the stars <03556>, which thou hast ordained <03559> (08790); 4 What is man <0582>, that thou art mindful <02142> (08799) of him? and the son <01121> of man <0120>, that thou visitest <06485> (08799) him? 5 For thou hast made him a little <04592> lower <02637> (08762) than the angels <0430>, and hast crowned <05849> (08762) him with glory <03519> and honour <01926>. 6 Thou madest him to have dominion <04910> (08686) over the works <04639> of thy hands <03027>; thou hast put <07896> (08804) all things under his feet <07272>:

NRS Psalm 8:1 O LORD, our Sovereign, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens.

3 When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established; 4 what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them? 5 Yet you have made them a little lower than God, and crowned them with glory and honor. 6 You have given them dominion over the works of your hands; you have put all things under their feet,

NLT Psalm 8:1 O LORD, our Lord, the majesty of your name fills the earth! Your glory is higher than the heavens.

3 When I look at the night sky and see the work of your fingers-- the moon and the stars you have set in place-- 4 what are mortals that you should think of us, mere humans that you should care for us? 5 For you made us only a little lower than God, and you crowned us with glory and honor. 6 You put us in charge of everything you made, giving us authority over all things--

LBA Psalm 8:1 ¡Oh SEÑOR, Señor nuestro, cuán glorioso es tu nombre en toda la tierra, que has desplegado tu gloria sobre los cielos!

3 Cuando veo tus cielos, obra de tus dedos, la luna y las estrellas que tú has establecido, 4 digo: ¿Qué es el hombre para que de él te acuerdes, y el hijo del hombre para que lo cuides? 5 ¡Sin embargo, lo has hecho un poco menor que los ángeles, y lo coronas de gloria y majestad! 6 Tú le haces señorear sobre las obras de tus manos; todo lo has puesto bajo sus pies:

[********** 2 **********]

<B4> 1 John 5

KJV 1 John 5:21 Little children <5040>, keep <5442> (5657) yourselves <1438> from <575> idols <1497>...

NRS 1 John 5:21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols.

NLT 1 John 5:21 Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God's place in your hearts.

LBA 1 John 5:21 Hijos, guardaos de los ídolos.

<B5> 2 Samuel 14

KJV 2 Samuel 14:25 all Israel <03478> there was none <0376> to be so much <03966> praised <01984> (08763) as Absalom <053> for his beauty <03303>: from the sole <03709> of his foot <07272> even to the crown of his head <06936> there was no blemish <03971> in him.

NRS 2 Samuel 14:25 all Israel there was no one to be praised so much for his beauty as Absalom; from the sole of his foot to the crown of his head there was no blemish in him.

NLT 2 Samuel 14:25 one in Israel was as handsome as Absalom. From head to foot, he was the perfect specimen of a man.

LBA 2 Samuel 14:25 En todo Israel no había nadie tan bien parecido ni tan celebrado como Absalón; desde la planta de su pie hasta su coronilla no había defecto en él.

<B6> 2 Samuel 15

KJV 2 Samuel 15:2 And Absalom <053> rose up early <07925> (08689), and stood <05975> (08804) beside <03027> the way <01870> of the gate <08179>: and it was so, that when any man <0376> that had a controversy <07379> came <0935> (08800) to the king <04428> for judgment <04941>, then Absalom <053> called <07121> (08799) unto him, and said <0559> (08799), Of what <0335> city <05892> art thou? And he said <0559> (08799), Thy servant <05650> is of one <0259> of the tribes <07626> of Israel <03478>. 3 And Absalom <053> said <0559> (08799) unto him, See <07200> (08798), thy matters <01697> are good <02896> and right <05228>; but there is no man deputed of the king <04428> to hear <08085> (08802) thee. 4 Absalom <053> said <0559> (08799) moreover, Oh that I were made <07760> (08799) judge <08199> (08802) in the land <0776>, that every man <0376> which hath any suit <07379> or cause <04941> might come <0935> (08799) unto me, and I would do him justice <06663> (08689)! 5 And it was so, that when any man <0376> came nigh <07126> (08800) to him to do him obeisance <07812> (08692), he put forth <07971> (08804) his hand <03027>, and took <02388> (08689) him, and kissed <05401> (08804) him. 6 And on this manner <01697> did <06213> (08799) Absalom <053> to all Israel <03478> that came <0935> (08799) to the king <04428> for judgment <04941>: so Absalom <053> stole <01589> (08762) the hearts <03820> of the men <0582> of Israel <03478>.

NRS 2 Samuel 15:2 Absalom used to rise early and stand beside the road into the gate; and when anyone brought a suit before the king for judgment, Absalom would call out and say, "From what city are you?" When the person said, "Your servant is of such and such a tribe in Israel," 3 Absalom would say, "See, your claims are good and right; but there is no one deputed by the king to hear you." 4 Absalom said moreover, "If only I were judge in the land! Then all who had a suit or cause might come to me, and I would give them justice." 5 Whenever people came near to do obeisance to him, he would put out his hand and take hold of them, and kiss them. 6 Thus Absalom did to every Israelite who came to the king for judgment; so Absalom stole the hearts of the people of Israel.

NLT 2 Samuel 15:2 He got up early every morning and went out to the gate of the city. When people brought a case to the king for judgment, Absalom would ask where they were from, and they would tell him their tribe. 3 Then Absalom would say, "You've really got a strong case here! It's too bad the king doesn't have anyone to hear it. 4 I wish I were the judge. Then people could bring their problems to me, and I would give them justice!" 5 And when people tried to bow before him, Absalom wouldn't let them. Instead, he took them by the hand and embraced them. 6 So in this way, Absalom stole the hearts of all the people of Israel.

LBA 2 Samuel 15:2 Y Absalón se levantaba temprano y se situaba junto al camino de la puerta; y sucedía que todo aquel que tenía un pleito y venía al rey para juicio, Absalón lo llamaba y decía: ¿De qué ciudad eres? Y éste respondía: Tu siervo es de una de las tribus de Israel. 3 Entonces Absalón le decía: Mira, tu causa es buena y justa, pero nadie te va a escuchar de parte del rey. 4 Decía además Absalón: ¡Quién me nombrara juez en la tierra! Entonces todo hombre que tuviera pleito o causa alguna podría venir a mí y yo le haría justicia. 5 Y sucedía que cuando alguno se acercaba y se postraba ante él, él extendía su mano, lo levantaba y lo besaba. 6 De esta manera Absalón trataba a todo israelita que venía al rey para juicio; así Absalón robó el corazón de los hombres de Israel.

[********** 3 **********]

<B7> Psalm 62

KJV Psalm 62:1 Truly my soul <05315> waiteth <01747> upon God <0430>: from him cometh my salvation <03444>. 2 He only is my rock <06697> and my salvation <03444>; he is my defence <04869>; I shall not be greatly <07227> moved <04131> (08735).

NRS Psalm 62:1 For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall never be shaken.

NLT Psalm 62:1 I wait quietly before God, for my salvation comes from him. 2 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.

LBA Psalm 62:1 En Dios solamente espera en silencio mi alma; de Él viene mi salvación. 2 Sólo Él es mi roca y mi salvación, mi baluarte, nunca seré sacudido.

<B8> Romans 7

KJV Romans 7:18 For <1063> I know <1492> (5758) that <3754> in <1722> me <1698> (that is <5123> (5748), in <1722> my <3450> flesh <4561>,) dwelleth <3611> (5719) no <3756> good thing <18>: for <1063> to will <2309> (5721) is present <3873> (5736) with me <3427>; but <1161> how to perform <2716> (5738) that which is good <2570> I find <2147> (5719) not <3756>. 19 For <1063> <3739> the good <18> that I would <2309> (5719) I do <4160> (5719) not <3756>: but <235> the evil <2556> which <3739> I would <2309> (5719) not <3756>, that <5124> I do <4238> (5719). 20 Now <1161> if <1487> <3739> I do <4160> (5719) that <5124> I <1473> would <2309> (5719) not <3756>, it is no more <2089> <3765> I <1473> that do <2716> (5736) it <846>, but <235> sin <266> that dwelleth <3611> (5723) in <1722> me <1698>.

24 O wretched <5005> man <444> that I am <1473>! who <5101> shall deliver <4506> (5695) me <3165> from <1537> the body <4983> of this <5127> death <2288>? 25 I thank <2168> (5719) God <2316> through <1223> Jesus <2424> Christ <5547> our <2257> Lord <2962>...

NRS Romans 7:18 For I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh. I can will what is right, but I cannot do it. 19 For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do. 20 Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I that do it, but sin that dwells within me.

24 Wretched man that I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? 25 Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!...

NLT Romans 7:18 I know I am rotten through and through so far as my old sinful nature is concerned. No matter which way I turn, I can't make myself do right. I want to, but I can't. 19 When I want to do good, I don't. And when I try not to do wrong, I do it anyway. 20 But if I am doing what I don't want to do, I am not really the one doing it; the sin within me is doing it.

24 Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin? 25 Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord...

LBA Romans 7:18 Porque yo sé que en mí, es decir, en mi carne, no habita nada bueno; porque el querer está presente en mí, pero el hacer el bien, no. 19 Pues no hago el bien que deseo, sino que el mal que no quiero, eso practico. 20 Y si lo que no quiero hacer, eso hago, ya no soy yo el que lo hace, sino el pecado que habita en mí.

24 ¡Miserable de mí! ¿Quién me libertará de este cuerpo de muerte? 25 Gracias a Dios, por Jesucristo Señor nuestro....

<B9> Romans 6

KJV Romans 6:12 Let <936> <0> not <3361> sin <266> therefore <3767> reign <936> (5720) in <1722> your <5216> mortal <2349> body <4983>, that <1519> ye should obey <5219> (5721) it <846> in <1722> the lusts <1939> thereof <846>. 13 Neither <3366> yield ye <3936> (5720) your <5216> members <3196> as instruments <3696> of unrighteousness <93> unto sin <266>: but <235> yield <3936> (5657) yourselves <1438> unto God <2316>, as <5613> those that are alive <2198> (5723) from <1537> the dead <3498>, and <2532> your <5216> members <3196> as instruments <3696> of righteousness <1343> unto God <2316>.

NRS Romans 6:12 Therefore, do not let sin exercise dominion in your mortal bodies, to make you obey their passions. 13 No longer present your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and present your members to God as instruments of righteousness.

NLT Romans 6:12 Do not let sin control the way you live; do not give in to its lustful desires. 13 Do not let any part of your body become a tool of wickedness, to be used for sinning. Instead, give yourselves completely to God since you have been given new life. And use your whole body as a tool to do what is right for the glory of God.

LBA Romans 6:12 Por tanto, no reine el pecado en vuestro cuerpo mortal para que no obedezcáis sus lujurias; 13 ni presentéis los miembros de vuestro cuerpo al pecado como instrumentos de iniquidad, sino presentaos vosotros mismos a Dios como vivos de entre los muertos, y vuestros miembros a Dios como instrumentos de justicia.

<B10> Romans 12

KJV Romans 12:1 I beseech <3870> (5719) you <5209> therefore <3767>, brethren <80>, by <1223> the mercies <3628> of God <2316>, that ye present <3936> (5658) your <5216> bodies <4983> a living <2198> (5723) sacrifice <2378>, holy <40>, acceptable <2101> unto God <2316>, which is your <5216> reasonable <3050> service <2999>. 2 And <2532> be <4964> <0> not <3361> conformed <4964> (5728) to this <5129> world <165>: but <235> be ye transformed <3339> (5744) by the renewing <342> of your <5216> mind <3563>, that <1519> ye <5209> may prove <1381> (5721) what <5101> is that good <18>, and <2532> acceptable <2101>, and <2532> perfect <5046>, will <2307> of God <2316>.

NRS Romans 12:1 I appeal to you therefore, brothers and sisters, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. 2 Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God-- what is good and acceptable and perfect.

NLT Romans 12:1 And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice-- the kind he will accept. When you think of what he has done for you, is this too much to ask? 2 Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know what God wants you to do, and you will know how good and pleasing and perfect his will really is.

LBA Romans 12:1 Por consiguiente, hermanos, os ruego por las misericordias de Dios que presentéis vuestros cuerpos como sacrificio vivo y santo, aceptable a Dios, que es vuestro culto racional. 2 Y no os adaptéis a este mundo, sino transformaos mediante la renovación de vuestra mente, para que verifiquéis cuál es la voluntad de Dios: lo que es bueno, aceptable y perfecto.

[********** 4 **********]

<B11> Psalm 27

KJV Psalm 27:4 One <0259> thing have I desired <07592> (08804) of the LORD <03068>, that will I seek <01245> (08762) after; that I may dwell <03427> (08800) in the house <01004> of the LORD <03068> all the days <03117> of my life <02416>, to behold <02372> (08800) the beauty <05278> of the LORD <03068>, and to enquire <01239> (08763) in his temple <01964>.

8 When thou saidst, Seek <01245> (08761) ye my face <06440>; my heart <03820> said <0559> (08804) unto thee, Thy face <06440>, LORD <03068>, will I seek <01245> (08762).

NRS Psalm 27:4 One thing I asked of the LORD, that will I seek after: to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD, and to inquire in his temple.

8 "Come," my heart says, "seek his face!" Your face, LORD, do I seek.

NLT Psalm 27:4 The one thing I ask of the LORD-- the thing I seek most-- is to live in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, delighting in the LORD's perfections and meditating in his Temple.

8 My heart has heard you say, "Come and talk with me." And my heart responds, "LORD, I am coming."

LBA Psalm 27:4 Una cosa he pedido al SEÑOR, y ésa buscaré: que habite yo en la casa del SEÑOR todos los días de mi vida, para contemplar la hermosura del SEÑOR, y para meditar en su templo.

8 Cuando dijiste: Buscad mi rostro, mi corazón te respondió: Tu rostro, SEÑOR, buscaré.

<B12> Psalm 90

KJV Psalm 90:14 O satisfy <07646> (08761) us early <01242> with thy mercy <02617>; that we may rejoice <07442> (08762) and be glad <08055> (08799) all our days <03117>.

16 Let thy work <06467> appear <07200> (08735) unto thy servants <05650>, and thy glory <01926> unto their children <01121>. 17 And let the beauty <05278> of the LORD <03068> our God <0430> be upon us: and establish <03559> (08786) thou the work <04639> of our hands <03027> upon us; yea, the work <04639> of our hands <03027> establish <03559> (08786) thou it.

NRS Psalm 90:14 Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, so that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.

16 Let your work be manifest to your servants, and your glorious power to their children. 17 Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and prosper for us the work of our hands-- O prosper the work of our hands!

NLT Psalm 90:14 Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, so we may sing for joy to the end of our lives.

16 Let us see your miracles again; let our children see your glory at work. 17 And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful!

LBA Psalm 90:14 Sácianos por la mañana con tu misericordia, y cantaremos con gozo y nos alegraremos todos nuestros días.

16 Manifiéstese tu obra a tus siervos, y tu majestad a sus hijos, 17 y sea la gracia del Señor nuestro Dios sobre nosotros. Confirma, pues, sobre nosotros la obra de nuestras manos; sí, la obra de nuestras manos confirma.

<B13> Psalm 18

KJV Psalm 18:32 It is God <0410> that girdeth <0247> (08764) me with strength <02428>, and maketh <05414> (08799) my way <01870> perfect <08549>.

35 Thou hast also given <05414> (08799) me the shield <04043> of thy salvation <03468>: and thy right hand <03225> hath holden me up <05582> (08799), and thy gentleness <06037> hath made me great <07235> (08686).

NRS Psalm 18:32 the God who girded me with strength, and made my way safe.

35 You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand has supported me; your help has made me great.

NLT Psalm 18:32 God arms me with strength; he has made my way safe.

35 You have given me the shield of your salvation. Your right hand supports me; your gentleness has made me great.

LBA Psalm 18:32 el Dios que me ciñe de poder, y ha hecho perfecto mi camino?

35 Tú me has dado también el escudo de tu salvación; tu diestra me sostiene, y tu benevolencia me engrandece.

<B14> Psalm 50

KJV Psalm 50:2 Out of Zion <06726>, the perfection <04359> of beauty <03308>, God <0430> hath shined <03313> (08689).

NRS Psalm 50:2 Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines forth.

NLT Psalm 50:2 From Mount Zion, the perfection of beauty, God shines in glorious radiance.

LBA Psalm 50:2 Desde Sion, perfección de hermosura, Dios ha resplandecido.

[********** 5 **********]

<B15> Psalm 107

KJV Psalm 107:8 Oh that men would praise <03034> (08686) the LORD <03068> for his goodness <02617>, and for his wonderful works <06381> (08737) to the children <01121> of men <0120>! 9 For he satisfieth <07646> (08689) the longing <08264> (08802) soul <05315>, and filleth <04390> (08765) the hungry <07457> soul <05315> with goodness <02896>.

NRS Psalm 107:8 Let them thank the LORD for his steadfast love, for his wonderful works to humankind. 9 For he satisfies the thirsty, and the hungry he fills with good things.

NLT Psalm 107:8 Let them praise the LORD for his great love and for all his wonderful deeds to them. 9 For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

LBA Psalm 107:8 Den gracias al SEÑOR por su misericordia y por sus maravillas para con los hijos de los hombres. 9 Porque Él ha saciado al alma sedienta, y ha llenado de bienes al alma hambrienta.

<B16> Matthew 4

KJV Matthew 4:23 And <2532> Jesus <2424> went about <4013> (5707) all <3650> Galilee <1056>, teaching <1321> (5723) in <1722> their <846> synagogues <4864>, and <2532> preaching <2784> (5723) the gospel <2098> of the kingdom <932>, and <2532> healing <2323> (5723) all <3956> manner of sickness <3554> and <2532> all <3956> manner of disease <3119> among <1722> the people <2992>. 24 And <2532> his <846> fame <189> went <565> (5627) throughout <1519> all <3650> Syria <4947>: and <2532> they brought <4374> (5656) unto him <846> all <3956> sick <2560> people <2192> (5723) that were taken with <4912> (5746) divers <4164> diseases <3554> and <2532> torments <931>, and <2532> those which were possessed with devils <1139> (5740), and <2532> those which were lunatick <4583> (5740), and <2532> those that had the palsy <3885>; and <2532> he healed <2323> (5656) them <846>.

NRS Matthew 4:23 Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness among the people. 24 So his fame spread throughout all Syria, and they brought to him all the sick, those who were afflicted with various diseases and pains, demoniacs, epileptics, and paralytics, and he cured them.

NLT Matthew 4:23 Jesus traveled throughout Galilee teaching in the synagogues, preaching everywhere the Good News about the Kingdom. And he healed people who had every kind of sickness and disease. 24 News about him spread far beyond the borders of Galilee so that the sick were soon coming to be healed from as far away as Syria. And whatever their illness and pain, or if they were possessed by demons, or were epileptics, or were paralyzed-- he healed them all.

LBA Matthew 4:23 Y Jesús iba por toda Galilea, enseñando en sus sinagogas y proclamando el evangelio del reino, y sanando toda enfermedad y toda dolencia en el pueblo. 24 Y se extendió su fama por toda Siria; y traían a Él todos los que estaban enfermos, afectados con diversas enfermedades y dolores, endemoniados, epilépticos y paralíticos; y Él los sanaba.

<B17> Matthew 5

KJV Matthew 5:1 And <1161> seeing <1492> (5631) the multitudes <3793>, he went up <305> (5627) into <1519> a mountain <3735>: and <2532> when he <846> was set <2523> (5660), his <846> disciples <3101> came <4334> (5656) unto him <846>: 2 And <2532> he opened <455> (5660) his <846> mouth <4750>, and taught <1321> (5707) them <846>, saying <3004> (5723),

NRS Matthew 5:1 When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. 2 Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying:

NLT Matthew 5:1 One day as the crowds were gathering, Jesus went up the mountainside with his disciples and sat down to teach them. 2 This is what he taught them:

LBA Matthew 5:1 Y cuando vio las multitudes, subió al monte; y después de sentarse, sus discípulos se acercaron a Él. 2 Y abriendo su boca, les enseñaba, diciendo:

<B18> Matthew 6

KJV Matthew 6:25 ...Take no <3361> thought <3309> (5720) for your <5216> life <5590>, what <5101> ye shall eat <5315> (5632), or <2532> what <5101> ye shall drink <4095> (5632); nor yet for <3366> your <5216> body <4983>, what <5101> ye shall put on <1746> (5672). Is <2076> (5748) not <3780> the life <5590> more than <4119> meat <5160>, and <2532> the body <4983> than raiment <1742>? 26 Behold <1689> (5657) <1519> the fowls <4071> of the air <3772>: for <3754> they sow <4687> (5719) not <3756>, neither <3761> do they reap <2325> (5719), nor <3761> gather <4863> (5719) into <1519> barns <596>; yet <2532> your <5216> heavenly <3770> Father <3962> feedeth <5142> (5719) them <846>. Are <1308> <0> ye <5210> not <3756> much <3123> better than <1308> (5719) they <846>?

31 Therefore <3767> take no <3361> thought <3309> (5661), saying <3004> (5723), What <5101> shall we eat <5315> (5632)? or <2228>, What <5101> shall we drink <4095> (5632)? or <2228>, Wherewithal <5101> shall we be clothed <4016> (5643)? 32 (For <1063> after <1934> <0> all <3956> these things <5023> do the Gentiles <1484> seek <1934> (5719):) for <1063> your <5216> heavenly <3770> Father <3962> knoweth <1492> (5758) that <3754> ye have need <5535> (5719) of all <537> these things <5130>. 33 But <1161> seek ye <2212> (5720) first <4412> the kingdom <932> of God <2316>, and <2532> his <846> righteousness <1343>; and <2532> all <3956> these things <5023> shall be added <4369> (5701) unto you <5213>.

NRS Matthew 6:25 " not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

31 Therefore do not worry, saying, 'What will we eat?' or 'What will we drink?' or 'What will we wear?' 32 For it is the Gentiles who strive for all these things; and indeed your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

NLT Matthew 6:25 "...don't worry about everyday life-- whether you have enough food, drink, and clothes. Doesn't life consist of more than food and clothing? 26 Look at the birds. They don't need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they are.

31 "So don't worry about having enough food or drink or clothing. 32 Why be like the pagans who are so deeply concerned about these things? Your heavenly Father already knows all your needs, 33 and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.

LBA Matthew 6:25 os preocupéis por vuestra vida, qué comeréis o qué beberéis; ni por vuestro cuerpo, qué vestiréis. ¿No es la vida más que el alimento y el cuerpo más que la ropa? 26 Mirad las aves del cielo, que no siembran, ni siegan, ni recogen en graneros, y sin embargo, vuestro Padre celestial las alimenta. ¿No sois vosotros de mucho más valor que ellas?

31 Por tanto, no os preocupéis, diciendo: "¿Qué comeremos?" o "¿qué beberemos?" o "¿con qué nos vestiremos?" 32 Porque los gentiles buscan ansiosamente todas estas cosas; que vuestro Padre celestial sabe que necesitáis todas estas cosas. 33 Pero buscad primero su reino y su justicia, y todas estas cosas os serán añadidas.

[********** 6 **********]

<B19> Philippians 3

KJV Philippians 3:13 Brethren <80>, I <1473> count <3049> (5736) not <3756> myself <1683> to have apprehended <2638> (5760): but <1161> this one thing <1520> I do, forgetting <1950> (5740) those things <3303> which are behind <3694>, and <1161> reaching forth unto <1901> (5740) (5734) those things which are before <1715>, 14 I press <1377> (5719) toward <2596> the mark <4649> for <1909> the prize <1017> of the high <507> calling <2821> of God <2316> in <1722> Christ <5547> Jesus <2424>. 15 Let <5426> <0> us therefore <3767>, as many as <3745> be perfect <5046>, be <5426> <0> thus <5124> minded <5426> (5725): and <2532> if in any thing <1536> ye be <5426> <0> otherwise <2088> minded <5426> (5719), God <2316> shall reveal <601> (5692) even <2532> this <5124> unto you <5213>. 16 Nevertheless <4133>, whereto <1519> <3739> we have already attained <5348> (5656), let us walk <4748> (5721) by the same <846> rule <2583>, let us mind <5426> (5721) the same thing <846>.

20 For <1063> our <2257> conversation <4175> is <5225> (5719) in <1722> heaven <3772>; from <1537> whence <3739> also <2532> we look for <553> (5736) the Saviour <4990>, the Lord <2962> Jesus <2424> Christ <5547>: 21 Who <3739> shall change <3345> (5692) our <2257> vile <5014> body <4983>, that <1519> it <846> may be <1096> (5635) fashioned like unto <4832> his <846> glorious <1391> body <4983>, according to <2596> the working <1753> whereby he <846> is able <1410> (5738) even <2532> to subdue <5293> (5658) all things <3956> unto himself <1438>.

NRS Philippians 3:13 Beloved, I do not consider that I have made it my own; but this one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the heavenly call of God in Christ Jesus. 15 Let those of us then who are mature be of the same mind; and if you think differently about anything, this too God will reveal to you. 16 Only let us hold fast to what we have attained.

20 But our citizenship is in heaven, and it is from there that we are expecting a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. 21 He will transform the body of our humiliation that it may be conformed to the body of his glory, by the power that also enables him to make all things subject to himself.

NLT Philippians 3:13 No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14 I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven. 15 I hope all of you who are mature Christians will agree on these things. If you disagree on some point, I believe God will make it plain to you. 16 But we must be sure to obey the truth we have learned already.

20 But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior. 21 He will take these weak mortal bodies of ours and change them into glorious bodies like his own, using the same mighty power that he will use to conquer everything, everywhere.

LBA Philippians 3:13 Hermanos, yo mismo no considero haberlo ya alcanzado; pero una cosa hago: olvidando lo que queda atrás y extendiéndome a lo que está delante, 14 prosigo hacia la meta para obtener el premio del supremo llamamiento de Dios en Cristo Jesús. 15 Así que todos los que somos perfectos, tengamos esta misma actitud; y si en algo tenéis una actitud distinta, eso también os lo revelará Dios; 16 sin embargo, continuemos viviendo según la misma norma que hemos alcanzado.

20 Porque nuestra ciudadanía está en los cielos, de donde también ansiosamente esperamos a un Salvador, el Señor Jesucristo, 21 el cual transformará el cuerpo de nuestro estado de humillación en conformidad al cuerpo de su gloria, por el ejercicio del poder que tiene aun para sujetar todas las cosas a sí mismo.

<B20> 2 Corinthians 5

KJV 2 Corinthians 5:1 For <1063> we know <1492> (5758) that <3754> if <1437> our <2257> earthly <1919> house <3614> of this tabernacle <4636> were dissolved <2647> (5686), we have <2192> (5719) a building <3619> of <1537> God <2316>, an house <3614> not made with hands <886>, eternal <166> in <1722> the heavens <3772>. 2 For <2532> <1063> in <1722> this <5129> we groan <4727> (5719), earnestly desiring <1971> (5723) to be clothed upon <1902> (5670) with our <2257> house <3613> which <3588> is from <1537> heaven <3772>:

5 Now <1161> he that hath wrought <2716> (5666) us <2248> for <1519> the selfsame thing <846> <5124> is God <2316>, who <3588> also <2532> hath given <1325> (5631) unto us <2254> the earnest <728> of the Spirit <4151>.

NRS 2 Corinthians 5:1 For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. 2 For in this tent we groan, longing to be clothed with our heavenly dwelling--

5 He who has prepared us for this very thing is God, who has given us the Spirit as a guarantee.

NLT 2 Corinthians 5:1 For we know that when this earthly tent we live in is taken down-- when we die and leave these bodies-- we will have a home in heaven, an eternal body made for us by God himself and not by human hands. 2 We grow weary in our present bodies, and we long for the day when we will put on our heavenly bodies like new clothing.

5 God himself has prepared us for this, and as a guarantee he has given us his Holy Spirit.

LBA 2 Corinthians 5:1 Porque sabemos que si la tienda terrenal que es nuestra morada, es destruida, tenemos de Dios un edificio, una casa no hecha por manos, eterna en los cielos. 2 Pues, en verdad, en esta morada gemimos, anhelando ser vestidos con nuestra habitación celestial;

5 Y el que nos preparó para esto mismo es Dios, quien nos dio el Espíritu como garantía.


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